ADB Country Planning Documents


  • Azerbaijan, 2019–2023—Promoting Diversified and Inclusive Growth 

    Asian Development Bank (Asian Development Bank, 2019-05-30)
    Azerbaijan rose to upper middle-income country (UMIC) status in 2009 and is a major economic and energy power in the South Caucasus. It is strategically located on a transcontinental crossroad that connects large markets to the country’s north, south, ...
  • Uzbekistan, 2019–2023—Supporting Economic Transformation 

    Asian Development Bank (Asian Development Bank, 2019-05-30)
    The key objective of ADB’s CPS is to support the country’s movement toward a vibrant and inclusive market economy, including the transformation of the state’s role. The government’s ultimate objectives of improving the quality of people’s lives and ...
  • Country Partnership Strategy: Fiji, 2019–2023—Achieving Sustained, Inclusive, Private Sector-Led Growth 

    Asian Development Bank (Asian Development Bank, 2019-03-30)
    Fiji achieved its ninth consecutive year of growth in 2018. Growth averaged 3.1% per annum during 2010–2018, despite a downturn in 2016 because of Tropical Cyclone Winston, which caused damage and losses equivalent to 29.2% of gross domestic product ...
  • Azerbaijan: Country Digital Development Overview 

    Yoon, Seok (Asian Development Bank, 2019-01-30)
    This Overview was prepared to adequately respond to the Government of Azerbaijan’s priority on the development of ICT sector as a driver of economic diversification during the implementation of ADB’s next Country Partnership Strategy for Azerbaijan ...

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