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Community-Based Climate Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation Planning: A Cook Islands Pilot Project
dc.description.abstractIn 2010, the Asian Development Bank, the Government of the Cook Islands, and the World Wide Fund for Nature partnered to undertake a pilot adaptation project that could be replicated across the country's inhabited islands. The basic idea was to field-test a participatory approach that incorporates local knowledge and engages vulnerable communities in the formulation of adaptation plans that will be operable and most relevant to their circumstances. This publication captures and shares the process, tools, and lessons from the project. It hopes to provide insights into how climate change adaptation may be strengthened and accelerated through community-based risk assessment and participatory planning.
dc.publisherAsian Development Bank
dc.rightsCC BY 3.0 IGO
dc.titleCommunity-Based Climate Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation Planning: A Cook Islands Pilot Project
dc.subject.expertClimate change
dc.subject.expertClimate impacts assessment
dc.subject.expertGlobal climate change
dc.subject.expertRural Development
dc.subject.expertRural Development Projects
dc.subject.expertRural Development Research
dc.subject.adbClimatic change
dc.subject.adbClimatic influence
dc.subject.adbInvestment bank
dc.subject.adbInvestment policy
dc.subject.adbRural areas
dc.subject.adbRural economy
dc.subject.adbRural planning
dc.subject.adbRural poverty
dc.subject.adbDevelopment potential
dc.subject.naturalClimatic factor
dc.subject.naturalSoils and climate
dc.subject.naturalDynamic climatology
dc.subject.naturalClimate change mitigation
dc.subject.naturalCommunication in rural development
dc.subject.naturalRural enterprise zones
dc.subject.naturalRural manpower policy
dc.subject.naturalEnvironment impact analysis
dc.subject.naturalCity planning
dc.subject.naturalUrban climatology
dc.subject.naturalBank investment
dc.subject.naturalCapital investment
dc.subject.naturalInvestment banking
dc.subject.naturalVenture capital
dc.contributor.imprintAsian Development Bank
oar.themeLabor Migration
oar.adminregionPacific Region
oar.countryCook Islands
oar.authorAsian Development Bank

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