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Factors Influencing Indian Manufacturing Firms’ Decision to Hire Contract Labour

dc.contributor.authorJaivir Singh
dc.contributor.authorDeb Kusum Das
dc.contributor.authorHomagni Choudhury
dc.contributor.authorPrateek Kukreja
dc.contributor.authorKumar Abhishek
dc.description.abstractThe present study attempts to investigate the factors affecting a firm’s decision to hire contract workers. We use information from a specially commissioned survey of manufacturing firms undertaken in 2014 by ICRIER, as part of a World Bank funded project ‘Jobs and Development: Creating Multi-Disciplinary Solutions’. The survey covered 500 firms in five states, namely Haryana, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Gujarat and spread across five major industries; viz. Auto Components, Electronics and Electrical Equipment, Leather Products, Textile and Garments and Food Processing. The estimation is carried out using a logit model, where the firm’s decision, whether or not to hire a contract worker is assumed to be a binary dependent variable. Our findings suggest that the firms producing for the export market are more likely to engage contract workers than the ones producing for domestic market. Secondly, presence of trade union activity considerably increases the likelihood for a firm to hire-in contract worker. Further, we find that there seems to be a higher probability for enterprises belonging to a capital-intensive industry to hire in contract workers than the ones belonging to a labour-intensive industry. Next, our findings also suggest that the firms located in states having a ‘protective’ labour legislation are more likely to hire contract workers than the ones located in states with rather flexible labour regulations. The most interesting finding, however, pertains to the ‘skills’ variable. We find that firms with a higher employment of unskilled workers are more likely to hire contract workers than the firms employing a lesser number of unskilled workers.
dc.publisherIndian Council for Research on International Economic Relations
dc.titleFactors Influencing Indian Manufacturing Firms’ Decision to Hire Contract Labour
dc.typeWorking Papers
dc.subject.expertEconomic development
dc.subject.expertStandard of living
dc.subject.expertTrade development
dc.subject.expertPerformance appraisal
dc.subject.expertNeeds assessment
dc.subject.expertInput output analysis|ADB
dc.subject.expertPerformance appraisal
dc.subject.expertProject failure
dc.subject.expertProject impact
dc.subject.expertProject appraisal
dc.subject.expertCareer development
dc.subject.expertVocational training
dc.subject.adbDevelopment Challenges
dc.subject.adbAsian Development Bank
dc.subject.adbDevelopment Management
dc.subject.adbSkills Development
dc.subject.adbPerformance Evaluation
dc.subject.adbEvaluation Methods
dc.subject.adbJob Evaluation
dc.subject.adbStaff Development
dc.subject.naturalLabor policy
dc.subject.naturalManpower policy
dc.subject.naturalCareer development
dc.subject.naturalJob analysis
dc.subject.naturalParticipative management
dc.subject.naturalGrievance procedures
dc.subject.naturalVocational guidance
dc.subject.naturalLabor policy
dc.subject.naturalRural manpower policy
dc.subject.naturalCareer development
dc.subject.naturalApplications for positions
dc.subject.naturalAffirmative action programs
dc.subject.naturalLabor turnover
dc.title.seriesWorking Paper
dc.contributor.imprintIndian Council for Research on International Economic Relations
oar.adminregionSouth Asia Region
oar.authorSingh, Jaivir
oar.authorDas, Deb Kusum
oar.authorChoudhury, Homagni
oar.authorKukreja, Prateek
oar.authorAbhishek, Kumar

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