KIEP World Economy Brief


  • Increasing Global Climate Ambition and Implications for Korea 

    Moon, Jinyoung; Oh, Soo Hyun; Park, Youngseok; Lee, Sunghee; Kim, Eunmi (Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, 2021-05-25)
    Major GHG emitters such as China, the United States (U.S.), European Union (EU), Japan and Korea have pledged to move forward carbon neutrality by the middle of this century. To realize carbon neutrality, reduction efforts must be strengthened until ...
  • The Reform of the WTO’s Appellate Body: An Economic Perspective 

    Yea, Sang jun (Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, 2021-05-20)
    In this study, I build a game-theoretical model to analyze the impact of AB reform on WTO members’ trade policies and strategic use of DSP. Specifically, I extend Maggi and Staiger (2011), which relates the accuracy of the Dispute Settlement Body’s ...
  • Changing Environment for Opening of Chinese Financial Sector and Implications 

    Hyun, Sangbaek; Na, Suyeob; Kim, Youngsun; Cho, Koun; Seo, Bongkyo (Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, 2021-04-22)
    The opening of China's financial sector has progressed at a very slow pace, unlike the manufacturing and trade sectors that have pushed for an active opening to the outside world. The Chinese economy has been growing rapidly while serving as a global ...
  • Study on the Changes in China’s Industrial Policies and Industrial Structures in Manufacturing Sector after China’s Reform and Opening 

    Choi, Wonseok; Yang, Pyeongseob; Pak, Jinhee; Kim, Joohye; Choi, Jiwon; Zhao, Xinwang (Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, 2021-04-22)
    As China's recent industrial advancement has changed the trade structure between Korea and China from a complementary relationship to a more competitive one, the need for research on Chinese industrial policy has increased. Therefore, this study aims ...

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