KIEP World Economy Brief


  • An Analysis of Africa’s Agricultural Value Chain and Lessons from Korea’s Agricultural Development Policies 

    Park, Youngho; Jung, Jaewook; Kim, Yejin (Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, 2019-04-18)
    Agriculture is an integral part of the African economy as it accounts for 60‒70% of the continent's labor and 15% of its total GDP on average. The development of the agricultural sector is linked to Africa’s economic and social development as 90% of ...
  • Revitalization of Korea's Exports of Consumption Goods to Southeast Asia 

    Kim, Gyupan; Lee, Sooyoung; Lee, Hyongkun; Lee, Boram; Lee, Jungeun; Choi, Boyoung (Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, 2019-04-12)
    China’s gradual introduction of “open-door” policy in the late 1970s had the effect of expanding the country’s influence in the global market. This is especially true in the Northeast Asian region, where China is the major destination for intermediate ...
  • Welfare Effects of the EU GDPR and Data Localization Measures 

    Lee, Kyu Yub; Cho, Moonhee; Kang, Jungu; Kang, Minji (Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, 2019-04-03)
    It is widely acknowledged that cross-border data flows play a key role in boosting our living standards by utilizing digital trade, artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and big data (to name a few). However, there are also concerns about ...
  • Sino-Korean Cooperation in Terms of Port Logistics in Tumen River Areas 

    An, Guoshan (Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, 2019-03-28)
    Studies on Sino-Korean cooperation, including the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), have received full attention as a mode of reconciliation has continued on the Korean Peninsula since last year. One major focus has involved the issue of ...

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