TTCSP Conference Paper


  • Automatic Verification of Finite Precision Implementations of Linear Controllers 

    Park, Junkil; Pajic, Miroslav; Sokolsky, Oleg; Lee, Insup (Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program, 2017-04-30)
    We consider the problem of verifying finite precision implementation of linear time-invariant controllers against mathematical specifications. A specification may have multiple correct implementations which are different from each other in controller ...
  • Data Predictive Control for building energy management 

    Jain, Achin; Behl, Madhur; Mangharam., Rahul (Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program, 2017-01-31)
    Decisions on how to best optimize energy systems operations are becoming ever so complex and conflicting, that model-based predictive control (MPC) algorithms must play an important role. However, a key factor prohibiting the widespread adoption of MPC ...

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