TEPAV Evaluation Note


  • Turkey's Middle Corridor and Belt and Road Initiative: Coherent or Conflicting? 

    Arkman, M. Sait (Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey, 2019-12-05)
    Turkey, being one of around seventy countries involved considers the Initiative as a major step towards facilitating economic, commercial, socio-cultural, and political interactions with China and the surrounding regions, and reviving the ancient Silk ...
  • Two Astonishing Aspects of the New European Commission 

    Eralp, Nilgün Arısan (Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey, 2019-09-30)
    On 10th of September, the new European Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen has presented the commissioner designates put forward by the member states. They will go through the scrutiny of the European Parliament through the hearings to start from ...
  • Time to Enhance the Customs Union 

    Ersavcı, N. Murat (Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey, 2019-05-30)
    Everyone seems to agree that the time has come to expand the Customs Union between Turkey and the European Union. A quarter of a century has gone by since it was launched at the start of 1996. At the time it was considered a step towards the full ...
  • A Peaceful Transition of Power and Public's Expectations in Armenia 

    Yayloyan, Diana (Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey, 2019-02-28)
    Looking back at 2018, a wave of powerful political developments opened a new page in Armenia’s civil rights movement. Eventually culminating in a change of government, this transition of power in Armenia became known as the “Velvet Revolution,” mainly ...

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