TEPAV Working Papers


  • Mind the Gap: Debt Limit and Fiscal Stimulus Debt Limit 

    Özatay, Fatih (Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey, 2019-10-30)
    Debt limit is public debt-to-GDP ratio above which financial markets stop lending to a sovereign. How wide the fiscal space –the difference between the current debt ratio and the debt limit- is essential for policymakers. However, this information ...
  • Investment Policy Framework for Turkey in the Twenty-First Century 

    Sak, Güven; Inan, Feride (Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey, 2016-2-28)
    This paper first briefly looks at Turkey’s economic history, followed by an evaluation of Turkey’s economic development and the major problems facing the Turkish economy, including the low level of high-tech exports. The next section reviews government ...
  • Energy Policies and Their Impact on Investments 

    Turkey, Economic Policy Research Foundation of (Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey, 2016-6-30)
    Energy deficit is one of the most important reasons behind the current account deficit figures. Not able to create a sufficient value added on non- energy items, Turkey is left to deal with an increase in energy imports as well as a current account ...
  • Social Cohesion for Economic Growth 

    Cilingir, Yasemin Satir (Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey, 2016-2-28)
    The lack of social cohesion also makes a society more vulnerable to social conflicts, violence and separatist movements. For instance, Foa (2011) compares the social cohesion index calculated for 1990 with the duration of and the number of casualties ...

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