PMC Policy Briefs


  • Assessment of Fiscal Sustainability of the Universal Healthcare Program in Georgia, 2015-2013 

    Ergeshidze, Aleksandre (Policy and Management Consulting Group, 2015-12-30)
    The aim of this research is to analyze preliminary results of the universal healthcare program, assess its financial sustainability, and quantify its economic impact. The research will provide the public and policymakers with cost projections and ...
  • Policy Schemes for Supporting Small Scale Solar Power Generation in Georgia 

    Pavlenishvili, Levan (Policy and Management Consulting Group, 2015-06-30)
    This policy paper analyzes current regulatory framework on the Georgian electricity market, to find space and opportunities for integrating needs of solar generation growth. It studies different components of electricity market regulatory framework to ...
  • Role of Tariff Policy in Improving Energy Efficiency in the Residential Sector 

    Shatirishvili, Natalia (Policy and Management Consulting Group, 2015-06-30)
    Tariff policy plays an important role in providing “right” price signals for consumers, which is a necessary condition to improve the demand side energy efficiency (EE) in terms of the environmental, social and economic benefits. Improving EE is the ...

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