SDPI Policy Briefs


  • Towards results-oriented national Science, Technology and Innovation (ST&I) policy: Bridging stakeholders’ equitable involvement 

    Khwaja, Mahmood A. (Sustainable Development Policy Institute, 2021-04-08)
    The main focus of our national science, technology & innovation (ST&I) policy has been on the development of ST&I planning and management, human source development, indigenous technology, technology transfer, creation of absorptive capacity and ...
  • Strategic Directions for Pakistan's Agenda for SMEs 

    Javed, Sajid Amin (Sustainable Development Policy Institute, 2021-04-05)
    This policy paper proposes four strategic directions for Pakistan’s agenda for SMEs, which include i) designing and continuing targeted support policies and packages for SMEs throughout four phases of recovery from the COVID-19 ii) putting SMEs at the ...
  • Lack of foresight in energy planning of Pakistan 

    Ali, Saim; Aslam, Hina (Sustainable Development Policy Institute, 2021-03-03)
    Pakistan's energy sector has gone through an electricity crisis recently and blackouts have occurred several times in history. At the current stage, Pakistan is facing energy surplus primarily because of over-investments into the energy sector to ...
  • Decision-Making under Uncertainty: Bridging data gaps for effective energy planning 

    Institute, Sustainable Development Policy (Sustainable Development Policy Institute, 2020-11-19)
    Owing to the absence of research collaboration between government and academia, electricity demand forecasting in Pakistan has long inculcated forecasting errors due to data inconsistencies and modeling approaches. Such forecast discrepancies even ...

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