SDPI Policy Briefs


  • Setting the Priorities: Metro Bus Vs Out-of-School Children 

    Zahid, Junaid; Chatha, Irfan Ahmed (Sustainable Development Policy Institute, 2016-05-15)
    The question as to what are the significant factors in shaping the road to development is of fundamental and primal importance in the present circumstances when the government is focusing more on infrastructure rather than literacy and skills transfer. ...
  • Better Water, Better Jobs - Envisioning a Sustainable Pakistan 

    Gollnow, Sebastian (Sustainable Development Policy Institute, 2016-04-15)
    Pakistan is an arid to semi arid economy with low and variable rainfall. Water is a scarce resource and most of it is utilized in agriculture sector. The major water resource here is the sophisticated Indus Basin irrigation system, which irrigates more ...
  • China Pakistan Economic Corridor: A Chinese Dream Being Materialized Through Pakistan 

    Ramay, Shakeel Ahmad (Sustainable Development Policy Institute, 2016-02-02)
    These days, CPEC is a hot topic and the most debated subject in Pakistan, South Asia, and Asia and to some extent in other parts of the world. In Pakistan, there is confusion about the corridor’s route, as provinces have shown their concern over it. ...
  • Tax Reforms in Punjab 

    Ahmed, Vaqar; Naqvi, Ather (Sustainable Development Policy Institute, 2016-8-30)
    This policy brief makes an effort to highlight: a) key challenges faced by the province in generating revenues, b) inefficiencies in the provincial tax administration and policy, and c) difficulties faced by the private sector and individuals in complying ...

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