ADB Working Paper


  • Analytical for Measuring Poverty Dynamics: An Application using Panel Daa in the Philippines 

    Jr., Arturo Martinez (Asian Development Bank, 2016-03-15)
    This study reviews two methods of measuring poverty dynamics. The components approach uses the longitudinally averaged income to determine whether a household is chronically poor or not. On the other hand, the spells approach counts the number of poverty ...
  • The Determinants of Structural Transformation in Asia: A Review of the Literature 

    Sen, Kunal (Asian Development Bank, 2016-03-15)
    Structural transformation—the movement of workers from low-productivity to high-productivity activities— is an essential ingredient of inclusive growth. This paper reviews the evidence on why the pace of structural transformation has differed widely ...
  • The Role of Structural Transformation in the Potential of Asian Economic Growth 

    Foster-McGregor, Neil; Verspagen, Bart (Asian Development Bank, 2016-03-15)
    The transition from low-income developing country to high-income developed country involves a deep process of structural transformation in which the productive structure of an economy changes. In this paper we examine this process of structural change ...
  • In Search of a Better Match: Qualification Mismatches in Developing Asia 

    Chua, Kenn; Chun, Natalie (Asian Development Bank, 2016-02-15)
    This paper empirically tests the role of search frictions in driving qualification mismatches in the labor market. Using new data from several low-income economies in urban Asia we find that overeducation in less developed labor markets are more pervasive ...

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