ADB Working Paper


  • Digital Connectivity and Low Earth Orbit Satellite Constellations: Opportunities for Asia and the Pacific 

    Garrity, John; Husar, Arndt (Asian Development Bank, 2021-04-30)
    Satellite communication plays an important role in the global connectivity ecosystem. It connects rural and remote populations, provides backhaul connectivity to mobile cellular networks, and enables rapid communications for emergency and disaster ...
  • Catalyzing Climate Finance: Lessons Learned from the Shandong Green Development Fund 

    Lindfield, Michael; Asseline, Frédéric; Jenny, Hubert; Wang, Yihong; Mehta, Anouj (Asian Development Bank, 2021-03-30)
    In 2019, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) approved a $100 million loan contributing to climate finance for the $1.5 billion Shandong Green Development Fund Project. The fund introduces an innovative leveraging mechanism to catalyze private, institutional, ...
  • Projecting the Need for and Cost of Long-Term Care for Older Persons 

    Holmes, Wendy (Asian Development Bank, 2021-02-28)
    With the numbers of older persons in the Asia and Pacific region increasing rapidly, there is a growing urgency to develop and strengthen long-term care (LTC) support systems and services. This working paper aims to enhance the understanding, particularly ...
  • Supporting Primary Health Care in Mongolia: Experiences, Lessons Learned, and Future Directions 

    Jigjidsuren, Altantuya; Oyun, Bayar; Habib, Najibullah (Asian Development Bank, 2021-01-30)
    Under the influence of the Soviet Union, in the years up to 1990, Mongolia established a health care system based on the Semashko model, characterized by strong central planning with the state being responsible for both financing and delivery of health ...

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