ADB Working Paper


  • Fiscal Challenges to Financing Social Protection to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals: A Case of Three Countries 

    Handayani, Sri Wening; Carraro, Ludovico; Villarroel, Mariana Infante; Bongestabs, Andre F. (Asian Development Bank, 2018-09-30)
    This working paper presents an analysis of the fiscal challenges faced by Mongolia, Myanmar, and Timor-Leste in meeting the social protection-related targets of the Sustainable Development Goals. These three countries represent diverse social, political, ...
  • Infrastructure Financing in South Asia 

    Jha, Shikha; Arao, Rosa Mia (Asian Development Bank, 2018-09-30)
    South Asia seems to defy the theory that development of infrastructure is required for sustained economic growth. Despite the severe and persistent shortage of quality infrastructure, it is the fastest growing region in the world. This paper argues ...
  • Investing in Health Security for Sustainable Development in Asia and the Pacific: Managing Health Threats Through Regional and Intersectoral Cooperation 

    Counahan, Megan; Khetrapal, Sonalini; Parry, Jane; Servais, Gerard; Roth, Susann (Asian Development Bank, 2018-08-30)
    Emerging infectious diseases and the risk of transmission in the constant movement of people, animals, and goods make health security a priority issue in Asia and the Pacific. The region is paying more attention to strengthening health security through ...
  • The Impact of Nationally Determined Contributions on the Energy Sector: Implications for ADB and Its Developing Member Countries 

    Zhai, Yongping; Mo, Lingshui; Rawlins, Madeleine (Asian Development Bank, 2018-07-30)
    In Asia and the Pacific, 38 developing member countries (DMCs) of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) have committed to take mitigation actions through nationally determined contributions (NDCs) under the Paris Agreement. The Agreement aims to cap the ...

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