ADB Governance Briefs

ADB's Governance Brief series was introduced to respond to inquiries and demands for short, easy to read references on specific governance related issues. While there is considerable literature on governance issues, much of it is too specialized, technical, and/or extensive for the typical interested reader.


  • Exit Strategy to Ease or Eliminate Tax Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic 

    Sen, Tapas K. (Asian Development Bank, 2021-04-13)
    An effective fiscal stimulus package may have diverse elements depending on the challenges a country faces in supporting businesses and households. These elements comprise measures including but not limited to direct cash transfers, augmenting unemployment ...
  • Engaging Civil Society Organizations to Enhance the Effectiveness of COVID-19 Response Programs in Asia and the Pacific 

    Bhargava, Vinay (Asian Development Bank, 2021-03-31)
    This brief offers a framework for expanding CSO engagement to complement government efforts for the efficient implementation of COVID-19 programs in a transparent and accountable manner. The framework includes objectives, six programmatic areas for CSO ...
  • Restoring Confidence in Public–Private Partnerships: Reforming Risk Allocation and Creating More Collaborative PPPs 

    Moseley, Mark (Asian Development Bank, 2020-10-26)
    As part of the work of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) on infrastructure governance, sustainability, and the principles of Quality Infrastructure Investment, this discussion paper has been prepared, at the request of the ADB, to inform ADB staff and ...
  • Public Commercial Assets: The Hidden Goldmine 

    Detter, Dag (Asian Development Bank, 2020-03-23)
    IKEA, Tesco, Walmart, and McDonald’s are often seen only from the operational perspective—as suppliers of flat-pack furniture, groceries, and hamburgers. However, from a financial perspective, their value is to a large part derived from the fact that ...

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