Other Publications

These are nontraditional publications that come in a variety of formats and are intended for knowledge transfer or sharing. They focus on sector or thematic topics and may include corporate or promotional materials that share best practices, have research value, or elements of being scholarly.


  • Malaria Elimination 

    Asian Development Bank (Asian Development Bank, 2015-12-22)
    The Regional Malaria and Other Communicable Disease Threats Trust Fund was set up in December with the specific remit to support developing member countries to develop multi-country, cross-border, and multisector responses to urgent malaria and ...
  • Viet Nam Urban Environment Program: Urban Sanitation Issues in Viet Nam 

    Asian Development Bank (Asian Development Bank, 2015-10-07)
    This paper is part of the preparatory policy dialogue toward a proposed program of support by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) for improving urban sanitation and wastewater management in Viet Nam. The paper describes the financial, institutional, and ...
  • East Asia Department Knowledge Management Initiatives in 2014 

    Asian Development Bank (Asian Development Bank, 2015-07-06)
    This annual publication showcases the results of knowledge management initiatives of the East Asia Department of the Asian Development Bank in 2014. It is a compendium of abstracts from 50 strategic knowledge products and services completed in 2014 ...
  • Clean Energy Program: Accelerating Low-Carbon Development in Asia and the Pacific Region 

    Asian Development Bank (Asian Development Bank, 2015-06-24)
    This brochure outlines ADB's Clean Energy Program, a multipronged, umbrella program that seeks to help developing Asian countries meet their energy security needs, facilitate a transition to a low-carbon economy, bring about universal access to energy, ...

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