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  • Writing Atrocities: Syrian Civil Society and Transitional Justice 

    Aboueldahab, Noha (Brookings India, 2018-05-15)
    This paper argues that in raging conflicts such as in Syria, the documentation of violations should be considered as a stand-alone mechanism of transitional justice and as a means to lay the foundation for a variety of future post-conflict justice ...
  • Resource regionalism in the Middle East and North Africa: Rich lands, neglected people 

    Mills, Robin; Alhashemi, Fatema (Brookings India, 2018-04-30)
    This paper refers to this phenomenon as “resource regionalism.” While the term “resource nationalism” is used to refer to a state’s efforts to gain control over natural resources from foreign firms, resource regionalism refers to local demands in ...
  • Counting Migrant Workers in Malaysia: A Needlessly Persisting Conundrum 

    Hwok-Aun, Lee; Leng, Khor Yu (ISEAS Yusof Ishak Institute, 2018-04-25)
    FELDA settlers, most of whom are ethnic Malays, have generally been strong BN supporters in past elections; a trend that analysts believe continues until the present day. Indeed, FELDA’s long history of establishing self-contained settlements, accompanied ...
  • ASEAN in Australia’s Indo-Pacific Outlook 

    Ha, Hoang Thi (ISEAS Yusof Ishak Institute, 2018-04-20)
    This article aims to locate the place of ASEAN in Australia’s Indo-Pacific outlook, by dissecting Australia’s defense and foreign policy formulations, its strategic interests vis-à-vis ASEAN, and the outcomes of the AASS. It argues that Australia’s ...

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