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  • Quantitative Restriction on Rice Imports: Issues and Alternatives 

    Briones, Roehlano M.; Galang, Ivory Myka; Tolin, Lovely Ann (Philippine Institute for Development Studies, 2017-03-30)
    Rice is integral to the Filipino diet, history, and culture. As the host of the International Rice Research Institute since 1959, the Philippines takes pride in its leadership in rice science and agricultural education. However, historical trade data ...
  • Why Differences in Household Expenditure Estimates Matter 

    Albert, Jose Ramon G.; Asis, Ronina D.; Vizmanos, Jana Flor V. (Philippine Institute for Development Studies, 2017-03-30)
    Government estimates on average household spending can be obtained from two sources: sample surveys, such as the Family Income and Expenditure Survey (FIES), and national accounts data. The typical estimate is the household final consumption expenditure ...
  • Australian SME micro-offshoring in the Philippines: Opportunities and challenges 

    Ross, Peter K.; O’Hagan, Mike (Philippine Institute for Development Studies, 2017-01-30)
    An increasing number of Philippine-based business process outsourcing (BPO) centers, however, are targeting Australian SME clients by offering micro-offshoring services that reduce the transaction costs. This Policy Note examines the BPO sector and ...
  • Is the Agricultural Insurance Program of the Philippines serving the poor? 

    Virola, Romulo A. (Philippine Institute for Development Studies, 2017-01-30)
    This Policy Note seeks to assess the coverage, product lines, and premium structure of the current Agricultural Insurance Program (AIP). The data presented are results of a Philippine Institute for Development Studies project that evaluated the impact ...

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