ADB Briefs

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) Briefs are based on papers or notes prepared by ADB staff and their resource persons. The series is designed to provide concise, nontechnical accounts of policy issues of topical interest, with a view to facilitating informed debate.


  • Taxation Challenges in a Digital Economy—The Case of the People’s Republic of China 

    Terada-Hagiwara, Akiko; Gonzales, Kathrina; Wang, Jie (Asian Development Bank, 2019-05-15)
    The digital economy is growing rapidly across the globe, and among developing countries, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) is a leader. Despite its promise, the global digital economy also poses many challenges. Among these are tax base erosion and ...
  • The “How” of Multistakeholder Engagement 

    Verzosa, Cecilia Cabanero; Fiutak, Thomas R. (Asian Development Bank, 2019-04-15)
    Development actors must be ready to share power to achieve effective multistakeholder engagement. This means (i) being willing to listen to voices of dissent as well as of agreement, (ii) providing space to review the design and implementation of change ...
  • Cloud-Based Core Banking in the Philippines 

    Asian Development Bank (Asian Development Bank, 2019-04-15)
    In June 2017, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Cantilan Bank Inc. (CBI) signed an agreement to conduct a pilot study on cloud-based core banking technology. The pilot was supported by the central bank of the Philippines, the Bangko Sentral ng ...
  • Civil Society Brief: Timor-Leste 

    Asian Development Bank (Asian Development Bank, 2019-04-15)
    In 2006, Timor-Leste suffered a failure of state security and civil unrest resulting from internal divisions in the Timorese leadership and fragile political institutions. United Nations (UN) peacekeepers returned, and 150,000 people fled, becoming ...

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