5. Briefs

Briefs are concise narratives of topical issues intended to inform, stimulate, debate, make a decision or action, spark change, persuade policy makers, or generate a quick response to an issue. Briefs are short-format (2–16 pages) summaries to inform about developments, thematic and sector research, economic reports, or policy and strategy issues. Designed to be quick-disseminating, briefs can be short position papers or strategic knowledge products that are text-driven and light on images.


  • ASEAN as an FDI Attractor: How Do Multinationals Look at ASEAN? 

    Ambashi, Masahito (Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia, 2017-01-30)
    This policy brief presents an overview of the ASEAN economy in terms of its economic relationship with multinationals, particularly Japanese companies, that have long invested in this region. ASEAN has been an attractor of foreign direct investment ...
  • Financial Inclusion in the Digital Age 

    Hunter, Shawn; Cruz, Valdimir dela; Dole, David (Asian Development Bank Institute, 2016-12-31)
    Financial systems have been expanding, offering more services for savings, credit, investment, insurance, and retirement. However, much remains to be done to provide quality services at low cost to people and small businesses in both urban and rural ...
  • Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development in Pacific Island Countries 

    Juswanto, Wawan; Ali, Zulfiqar (Asian Development Bank Institute, 2016-12-31)
    Oil consumption comprises 80% of total energy consumption, of which 75% is used for transportation and electricity generation. Fuel imports account for 10% of the gross domestic product of the Pacific island countries (PICs), except for Fiji’s at 14%. ...
  • Economic Growth and Sustainable Development in the Pacific Island Countries 

    Juswanto, Wawan; Ali, Zulfiqar (Asian Development Bank Institute, 2016-12-31)
    Exports of the Pacific island countries (PICs) have increased by 169%, reaching $9.6 billion in the past 20 years. Given the lack of economies of scale as a result of their small sizes, the PICs need to establish “niche markets,” targeting high-end ...

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