5. Briefs

Briefs are concise narratives of topical issues intended to inform, stimulate, debate, make a decision or action, spark change, persuade policy makers, or generate a quick response to an issue. Briefs are short-format (2–16 pages) summaries to inform about developments, thematic and sector research, economic reports, or policy and strategy issues. Designed to be quick-disseminating, briefs can be short position papers or strategic knowledge products that are text-driven and light on images.


  • Emerging Countries Strategy for China: Focusing on BRI 

    Yang, Pyeong Seob; Park, Young Ho; Cheong, Jaewan; Lee, Cheol-Won; Kim, Jino; Yeob, Su; Lee, Hyo Jin; Jo, Youngkwan (Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, 2019-03-27)
    Recently, important of advance into emerging markets has increased to Korea as the change in U.S. trade policy and the proliferation of divine protectionism around the world. In order to diversify the export market and diplomacy, we are pursuing New ...
  • Education Management Organizations Program in Sindh, Pakistan: Public–Private Partnership Profile 

    LaRocque, Norman; Sipahimalani-Rao, Vandana (Asian Development Bank, 2019-03-15)
    In 2013, the Government of Sindh (the government) passed the Sindh Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, in compliance with Article 25-A of the Constitution of Pakistan. This legislation placed renewed pressure on the government and ...
  • Rebalancing the Economy and Reforming the Fiscal System of the People’s Republic of China 

    Bahl, Roy (Asian Development Bank, 2019-03-15)
    Following the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in October 2017, the 13th National People’s Congress (the national legislature of the People’s Republic of China [PRC]) and Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference were ...
  • An Analysis on the Competitiveness and Difficulties in Korea’s Export to India 

    Cho, Choongjae; Song, Young Chul; Lee, Jung-Mi; Yun, ChiHyun (Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, 2019-03-15)
    In July 2018, President Moon Jae-in announced the new target of achieving $50 billion in trade between India and Korea by 2030 following a summit meeting with Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India. Despite the Korean government naming India as a ...

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