5. Briefs

Briefs are concise narratives of topical issues intended to inform, stimulate, debate, make a decision or action, spark change, persuade policy makers, or generate a quick response to an issue. Briefs are short-format (2–16 pages) summaries to inform about developments, thematic and sector research, economic reports, or policy and strategy issues. Designed to be quick-disseminating, briefs can be short position papers or strategic knowledge products that are text-driven and light on images.


  • Will breaking up Coal India Limited lead to efficiency and competition? 

    Tongia, Rahul; Sehgal, Anurag (Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies, 2019-08-10)
    Newspaper reports have spoken about breaking up Coal India Limited (CIL),1 the world’s largest coal miner, to unleash efficiency, raise production, and raise cash for the government (which still owns 70.96% of CIL). Separating CIL subsidiaries is not ...
  • China’s 40 Years of Opening-up: Evaluation and Prospects 

    Yang, Pyeongseob; Na, Suyeob; Park, Minsuk; Lee, Hanna; Cho, Koun; Oh, Yunmi (Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, 2019-08-08)
    The year 2018 marks the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening policy. The opening of China to the outside world for the past 40 years started with the establishment of special economic zones, and was accelerated by its accession to the WTO, ...
  • SME Promotion Policies in the Middle East and their Implications for Korea –Middle East Cooperation 

    Lee, Kwonhyung; Son, Sunghyun; Jang, Yunhee; Ryou, Kwangho (Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, 2019-08-08)
    The aim of this research is to suggest policy proposals to enhance bilateral cooperation for SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises) between Korea and the Middle East. Towards this goal, Chapter 2 examines the significance of SMEs in the Middle Eastern ...
  • Could Online Gig Work Drive Economic Growth? 

    Banik, Nilanjan (Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, 2019-08-07)
    The gig economy is defined as digital, service based, on-demand platforms which are characterized by the prevalence of short-term contracts as opposed to permanent jobs (Greenwood et al., 2017). Approximately 33% of the workers in USA are part of the ...

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