5. Briefs

Briefs are concise narratives of topical issues intended to inform, stimulate, debate, make a decision or action, spark change, persuade policy makers, or generate a quick response to an issue. Briefs are short-format (2–16 pages) summaries to inform about developments, thematic and sector research, economic reports, or policy and strategy issues. Designed to be quick-disseminating, briefs can be short position papers or strategic knowledge products that are text-driven and light on images.


  • Fair Taxation in the Digital Economy 

    Juswanto, Wawan; Simms, Rebecca (Asian Development Bank Institute, 2017-12-30)
    We are living in a technology-driven era in which new developments and innovations are happening at a rate we have never seen before. As technology merges with the economy, we have witnessed the rise of the digital economy, which is growing day by day. ...
  • Efficient Management of State-Owned Enterprises: Challenges and Opportunities 

    Kim, Chul Ju; Ali, Zulfiqar (Asian Development Bank Institute, 2017-12-30)
    State-owned enterprises (SOEs) are classified as those enterprises in which the state exerts significant control through full, majority, or significant minority ownership. This definition includes SHOEs that are owned by the central or federal government ...
  • Facilitating ASEAN Trade in Goods 

    Ing, Lili Yan; Cadot, Olivier (Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia, 2017-12-30)
    To move forward trade facilitation agenda in ASEAN, this brief presents three recommendations that focus on rules of origin, transparency of non-tariff measures (NTM), and NTM streamlining. Although the ASEAN Trade in Goods Agreement rules of origin ...
  • Economic Development Strategies of Major Central Asian Countries and Their Implications for Korea 

    Park, Joungho; Kang, Boogyun; Min, Jiyoung; Yun, Chi-Hyun; Gwun, Kawon; Khon, Yevgeniy (Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, 2017-12-18)
    The purpose of this study is to focus on Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, analyzing the new economic development strategies of these countries, and to discover opportunities and demand for economic cooperation.

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