5. Briefs

Briefs are concise narratives of topical issues intended to inform, stimulate, debate, make a decision or action, spark change, persuade policy makers, or generate a quick response to an issue. Briefs are short-format (2–16 pages) summaries to inform about developments, thematic and sector research, economic reports, or policy and strategy issues. Designed to be quick-disseminating, briefs can be short position papers or strategic knowledge products that are text-driven and light on images.


  • Governance of Low-Carbon Energy System Transitions: A Case Study from North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany 

    Schepelmann, Philipp (Asian Development Bank, 2018-07-12)
    This governance brief aims to provide practical examples on how investments in urban infrastructure, clean energy, and energy efficiency can be implemented; and how these are embedded in multilevel governance, experimentation, and policy learning. In ...
  • China's Manufacturing Development and Korea's Countermeasures 

    Lee, Hyuntai; Choi, Jangho; Choi, Hyelin; Kim, Youngsun; Oh, Yunmi; Lee, Joonkoo (Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, 2018-07-06)
    Since 2015, the Chinese government has been strongly promoting its “Made in China 2025” initiative, which aims to accelerate the transformation of China from a “big manufacturing country” into a “world manufacturing power” by boosting manufacturing ...
  • Social and Economic Policies of Putin's Fourth Term and Implications for Korea 

    Park, Joungho; Min, Jiyoung; Kim, Chorong (Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, 2018-07-05)
    On March 18, 2018 Vladimir Putin was re-elected to a fourth term as president of the Russian Federation. On May 7, 2018 his fourth term officially started. Mr. Putin has managed to establish a solid base for government administration during his fourth ...
  • The Classroom Assessment Scoring System as a Measure of Effective Teaching to Address the Learning Crisis 

    Thames, Viticia; Hayashi, Ryotaro (Asian Development Bank, 2018-06-30)
    Despite the remarkable progress in access to education, the learning crisis in South Asia continues to be a serious concern. To explore solutions, the Asian Development Bank organized a knowledge sharing workshop on improving education quality through ...

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