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Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction: 2009 Annual Report
dc.description.abstract"The Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction (JFPR), established by the Government of Japan and ADB in 2000, supports innovative poverty reduction and social development activities, currently 132 projects in 22 countries in Asia and the Pacific with over 30 projects in the pipeline. The majority of these projects are geared toward providing quality health, education, and nutrition services for the poor, and improving agriculture and natural resources, which link closely with people’s livelihood and incomes. Total JFPR commitments in 31 December 2009 stood at $335.6 million, of which $35.3 million are for the 16 projects that were approved in 2009."
dc.publisherAsian Development Bank
dc.rightsCC BY 3.0 IGO
dc.titleJapan Fund for Poverty Reduction: 2009 Annual Report
dc.typeInstitutional Materials
dc.subject.expertWorld Health Organization
dc.subject.expertUrban Health Services
dc.subject.expertRural Health Services
dc.subject.expertNutrition and Health Care
dc.subject.expertHealth Aspects of Poverty
dc.subject.expertHealth and Hygiene and the Poor
dc.subject.expertEducation, Health and Social Protection
dc.subject.expertAccess to Health Care
dc.subject.expertSocial Aspects Of Poverty
dc.subject.adbDisease Control
dc.subject.adbOccupational Hygiene
dc.subject.adbMedical Services
dc.subject.adbHealth Costs
dc.subject.adbWater Quality
dc.subject.adbRespiratory Diseases
dc.subject.adbHealth Indicators
dc.subject.adbDisadvantaged Groups
dc.subject.adbDisadvantaged Groups
dc.subject.naturalCost of medical care
dc.subject.naturalHealth status indicators
dc.subject.naturalSanitation services
dc.subject.naturalPrevention of disease
dc.subject.naturalHealth status indicators
dc.subject.naturalCost and standard of living
dc.title.seriesProgress Reports of the Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction
dc.title.volumeno 9
dc.contributor.imprintAsian Development Bank
oar.adminregionAsia and the Pacific Region
oar.authorAsian Development Bank

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