4. Working Papers

Working papers are research-oriented and strongly analytical preliminary papers circulated for comments. These are issued to share ideas about a topic and present findings of research or work in progress. They have coherent analysis and technical content flow and are typically text-driven with minimal images. Working papers present cutting-edge analysis and research, and are subject to formal revision and correction before they are finalized and considered published. Working papers are quick-disseminating, informal publications that seek to provide information, generate discussion, and elicit comments so that they could be subsequently revised for publication as articles in professional journals or as chapters in books.


  • Skill Mismatch and Returns to Education in Manufacturing: A Case of India’s Textile and Clothing Industry 

    Kukreja, Prateek (Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations, 2018-09-30)
    Today, as India treads the path of becoming a knowledge economy, we face a paradox of intensifying skill shortages coupled with unemployment or underemployment among highly educated workers. While a shortage of skills (or under-education) is definitely ...
  • Rationale and Institution for Public-Private Partnerships 

    Kim, Jungwook (Asian Development Bank, 2018-09-15)
    Private–public partnership (PPP) methods are considered to be an effective way to narrow the gap between demand and supply of social infrastructure. If successfully pursued, PPP can deliver benefits to users, governments, and the private sector, or the ...
  • Is Employment Globalizing? 

    Chen, Liming; Felipe, Jesus; Kam, Andrew J.Y.; Mehta, Aashish (Asian Development Bank, 2018-09-15)
    We investigate the claim that national labor markets have become more globally interconnected in recent decades. We do so by deriving estimates over time of three different notions of interconnection: (i) the share of labor demand that is export induced ...
  • Duration of Export Relationships of Philippine MSMEs 

    Bautista, Mark Edison; Manzano, George (Philippine Institute for Development Studies, 2018-09-15)
    Within the framework of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Boracay Action Agenda and the ASEAN Strategic Action Plan developed by its members to assist MSMEs to reach internationalization, the study examines the survivability of Philippines ...

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