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KDI Journal of Economic Policy: November 2020

dc.contributor.authorKyoochul Kim
dc.contributor.authorJinwook Hur
dc.contributor.authorWoo Jin Choi
dc.contributor.authorJongyearn Lee
dc.contributor.authorKangsoo Kim
dc.description.abstractThe KDI Journal of Economic Policy (KDI JEP) is a professional journal published on a quarterly basis. The Journal publishes papers on the academic and policy issues related to the development of Korea’s economy. The KDI Journal of Economic Policy welcomes innovative and insightful academic papers on all areas of economics with an emphasis on empirical analysis that contain solid policy implications. KDI JEP is published in English starting in 2015, volume 37 number 1. The Journal aims to disseminate research outcomes and policy recommendations not only to experts at academia and research institutes but also to policy-makers and the general public. First published in March 1979, the original objective was to circulate ongoing- and past researches conducted in KDI, a leading economic think-tank of South Korea. Starting in August, 2001, the Journal has accepted manuscripts from outside in order to provide the readers more diverse perspectives on Korea’s policy initiatives. The Journal now actively seeks and welcomes submissions by researchers at home and from abroad who have genuine interests in the Korean economy.
dc.publisherKorea Development Institute
dc.rightsCC BY-SA 2.7
dc.titleKDI Journal of Economic Policy: November 2020
dc.subject.expertMacroeconomic Analysis
dc.subject.expertMacroeconomic Framework
dc.subject.expertMacroeconomic Models
dc.subject.expertMacroeconomic Performance
dc.subject.expertMacroeconomic Planning
dc.subject.expertMacroeconomic Policies
dc.subject.expertMacroeconomic Reform
dc.subject.expertMacroeconomic Stabilization
dc.subject.expertEconomic Development
dc.subject.expertEconomic Infrastructure
dc.subject.expertEconomic Policies
dc.subject.expertRegional Economic Development
dc.subject.expertMicrofinance Programs
dc.subject.expertPublic Finance
dc.subject.expertLocal Financing
dc.subject.expertFinancial Stability
dc.subject.expertFinancial Sector Regulation
dc.subject.expertPublic Financial Management
dc.subject.expertFinancial System
dc.subject.expertFinancial Statistics
dc.subject.expertForeign and Domestic Financing
dc.subject.expertFinancial Inclusion
dc.subject.expertForeign direct investment
dc.subject.expertBond Financing
dc.subject.expertGreen bonds
dc.subject.expertGreen financing
dc.subject.adbFinancial aid
dc.subject.adbEconomies in transition
dc.subject.adbLocal Finance
dc.subject.adbLocal Government
dc.subject.adbInsurance Companies
dc.subject.adbSocial Equity
dc.subject.adbPension Funds
dc.subject.adbMutual Funds
dc.subject.adbFinancial Aspects
dc.subject.adbFiscal Policy
dc.subject.adbBusiness cycle
dc.subject.adbFinancial cycle
dc.subject.adbFinancial literacy
dc.subject.adbFinancial safety net
dc.subject.adbFinancial crises
dc.subject.adbDigital currency
dc.subject.naturalSocial responsibility of business
dc.subject.naturalPersonal budgets
dc.subject.naturalCost and standard of living
dc.subject.naturalBank accounts
dc.subject.naturalCredit control
dc.subject.naturalRegulatory reform
dc.subject.naturalBanks and banking
dc.subject.naturalDigital Financial Service
dc.subject.naturalPension plans
dc.subject.naturalIndividual retirement accounts
dc.subject.naturalEmployee pension trusts
dc.subject.naturalInvestment management
dc.subject.naturalMultiemployer pension plans
dc.subject.naturalKeogh plans
dc.subject.naturalIndividual retirement accounts
dc.subject.naturalPension plans
dc.subject.naturalEmployee pension trusts
dc.subject.naturalPension trusts
dc.subject.naturalInvestment companies
dc.subject.naturalInternational banks and banking
dc.subject.naturalStock exchanges
dc.title.seriesKDI Journal of Economic Policy
dc.title.volumeVol. 42, No. 4
dc.contributor.imprintKorea Development Institute
oar.adminregionEast Asia Region
oar.countryRepublic of Korea
oar.authorKim, Kyoochul
oar.authorHur, Jinwook
oar.authorChoi, Woo Jin
oar.authorLee, Jongyearn
oar.authorKim, Kangsoo

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  • KDI Journal of Economic Policy
    Manuscripts published in the KDI Journal of Economic Policy (KDI JEP) are innovative and insightful academic papers on all areas of economics with an emphasis on empirical analysis that contain solid policy implications.

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