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Achieving economies of scale in the distributed renewable energy sector is a major challenge, partly due to the lower capacity potential…


Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI)

Yeshwanth, Ajay |Mumtaz, Fatima|Saha, Poonam Kumari


15 Feb 2024

This research aims to analyze the status and issues of Korea's urban development ODA and search for development methods in the urban…

Korea Institute of Public Administration

Korea Institute of Public Administration (KIPA)

Seolah Bang (Associate Research Fellow, Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements)

In the Asia and Pacific region, accessing clean water and sanitation is a constant challenge for residents of informal settlements.…


27 Dec 2023

This paper proposes an urban framework for Mongolia to promote balanced and sustainable territorial development.


Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Bai, Jie|Milhaud, Stéphane|D’Angelo, Lou


20 Dec 2023

This paper examines how the effects of transit improvements vary with land use policies using the case of Bengaluru, one of India’s…


Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Chen, Liming|Hasan, Rana|Jiang, Yi|Parkhomenko, Andrii


09 Nov 2023

Providing high-level climate risk assessments for cities in Armenia, Georgia, and Uzbekistan, this report is designed to mainstream…


31 Aug 2023

Today, the People's Republic of China has more wastewater treatment capacity than any other country in the world.


Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI)

Kitano, Naohiro|Qu, Fangqi|Bennon, Michael

Addressing rapid urbanization across Asia and the Pacific, this guide summarizes the strategic direction and details of Asian…


25 Jul 2023

The lack of affordable sewer-based sanitation systems is a challenge to achieving Sustainable Development Goal 6.2 (safe sanitation).…


Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI)

Basyal, Isha |Shrestha, Kabita Bade |Singh, Shirish|Shrestha, Bhushan Raj |Yendyo, Krishna Ram|Shrestha, Roshan Raj


19 Jul 2023

This brief looks at how Xiong’an New Area in the People’s Republic of China could create an innovative, integrated transport system.


Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Gerilla-Teknomo, Gloria|Geng, Yanbin|Duan, Lian|Chow, Sam