Institute for Integrated Development Studies


Institute for Integrated Development Studies (IIDS) is a non-governmental, non-profit research institute registered under Societies Registration Act 1977. Established on 25 November 1990, IIDS is a successor to the Integrated Development Systems (IDS) founded in 1979. The mission of IIDS is to contribute to identification, analysis, understanding and response to major development policy issues facing the country. The objective of IIDS is to contribute to more informed public policy and action by conducting empirically based, policy-oriented research on Nepal's economic and social development in national, regional and international context; to foster informed debate and discussion on key development issues facing the nation; to provide training and technical assistance for governmental and non-governmental agencies in areas of the institute's expertise; and to facilitate access to and exchange of experience with institutions within and outside the country. IIDS has carried out a large number of studies on policy and action research over the past two decades.