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Housing Challenge in Emerging Asia

What are the challenges and solutions to supplying adequate housing to billions of people across Asia and the Pacific? Better, affordable and resilient houses improve livelihoods across many of the SDGs, from health and education to social inclusion.

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Pointers from Asia for Urbanization in Africa -- ­ Africa and Asia are latecomers to urbanization.The importance of the transferability of Asian experiences to other regions is being recognized for more efficient development paths.

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  • Sustaining Transit Investment in Asia’s Cities: A Beneficiary-Funding and Land Value Capture Perspective 

    Abiad, Abdul; Farrin, Kathleen; Hale, Chris (Asian Development Bank, 2019-04-15)
    This report explains how proven methods of land value capture can help fund sustained urban transit investment in developing countries in Asia. It provides a primer on the importance of land value capture in urban planning and growth and identifies ...
  • Burden of Disease and Climate Interactions: An Illustrative Study of Surat City, India 

    Goldar, Amrita; Tewari, Meenu; Sen, Flavy (Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations, 2019-04-30)
    The rising burden of disease counts as one of the most salient concerns of a warming climate. These risks are especially serious in populous, rapidly growing urban landscapes of low-income, tropical countries. Surat, located on the banks of the River ...