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Poverty in Asia and Latin America

What lessons can Asia and Latin America learn from each other when it comes to fighting poverty?

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Global micro insurance can help reduce poverty (3min)-- Micro insurance could potentially reach 3 billion people and earn the industry up to $30 billion from insurance premiums. But only about 5% of the total market in Asia, Africa, and Latin America is covered, and only about 20% of micro insurance is being distributed by microfinance institutions globally.

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  • Household Consumption Risk and Coping Strategies in Tajikistan: Evidence from Household Surveys 

    Murakami, Enerelt (Asian Development Bank Institute, 2017-05-30)
    Forward-looking poverty analyses are essential for targeting and implementing poverty prevention interventions. In the presence of uncertainty and risk, the current poverty status of households is not a good indicator of whether they will be poor in ...
  • Internal Migration and Labour Mobility in Pakistan 

    Ishfaq, Sadia; Ahmed, Vaqar; Hassan, Danish; Javed, Asif (Sustainable Development Policy Institute, 2017-06-22)
    Internal migration and labour mobility is now increasingly being studied through the lens of human security. Global estimates suggest that 740 million people around the world are internal migrants (UNOCHA 2010). Given its large number, especially within ...