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How to Finance Infrastructure by Capturing Impacts and New Sources

Here's how to pay for all that new infrastructure. Governments and developers worldwide are looking for better ways to build and renovate highways, railways, bridges and dams.

This major new book from ADBIPress provides real answers on how to attract private financing. Latest evidence on the full impacts of infrastructure on economic and social indicators, especially spillover effects, and innovative ideas for new financing are comprehensively presented by experts.

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Reconnecting Asia is mapping major linkages—roads, railways, and other infrastructure—that are rapidly reshaping economic and connectivity opportunities across Asia and the Pacific.

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  • Financing Infrastructure in Asia and the Pacific: Capturing Impacts and New Sources 

    Yoshino, Naoyuki; Helble, Matthias; Abidhadjaev, Umid (Asian Development Bank Institute, 2018-03-30)
    This major book from ADBI Press aims to provide the latest scientific evidence on infrastructure investment, including new ideas as to how to finance infrastructure. The editors believe the 500-page book will make an important contribution to help Asia ...
  • Introducing the Tax-Kicker Bond: Budget-Neutral Financing of Private Infrastructure by Back-End Participation in Future Tax Revenue Growth 

    Stillman, Grant B. (Asian Development Bank Institute, 2017-08-30)
    This brief shows the spillover effect of how infrastructure can create jobs, industries, and regional wealth. Revenue from property rates, income and business taxes, as well as sales or value-added tax increases along the periphery and adjacent areas ...