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Industries need reliable and clean power

Industrial policy has been the bedrock for the great success stories from Asia in the last century. But what promise does it hold in a world grown wary of bureaucratic guidance and footloose multilaterals? The socio-economic considerations and public-private challenges facing modern industry and the manufacturing sector are addressed on this page.

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Time for SMEs in CAREC to move beyond borders-- Cross-border development is crucial for SMEs to realize their potential as drivers of growth and job creation in Central Asia.

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  • Lessons for South Asia from the Industrial Cluster Development Experience of the Republic of Korea 

    Kim, Jong-il (Asian Development Bank, 2015-08-27)
    Industrial development, particularly the growth of manufacturing activity, is important for economic growth and poverty reduction in South Asia. This report presents the evolution of industrial policy along with the promotion of industrial cluster ...
  • Manufacturing as the Key Engine of Economic Growth for Middle-Income Economies 

    Su, Dan; Yao, Yang (Asian Development Bank Institute, 2016-05-15)
    This paper revisits the role of the manufacturing sector during the middle-income stage. By exploiting a large dataset that covers internationally comparable sectoral information, we prove that the manufacturing sector is imbued with three important ...