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Latest on Asia and COP 21

After the Paris Agreement on Climate Change what is the outlook for low carbon green growth. Sustainable development has to be environmentally sound. Air pollution and land degradation affects workers' health and productivity.

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Introduction to Natural Resources Management -- Self-study the issues of scarcity, depletion and degradation, conservation, and incentives to manage renewable resources sustainably.

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  • Managing Stranded Assets and Protecting Food Value Chains from Natural Disasters 

    Reddy, Vangimalla R.; Anbumozhi, Venkatachalam (Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia, 2017-05-30)
    Stranded assets are those that have suffered unanticipated or premature write-downs, lost value, or turned into liabilities due to external shocks. Environmental risk factors, such as natural disasters, climate change, and water scarcity, which can ...
  • A Political Economy Analysis Of The Southeast Asian Haze and Some Solutions 

    Chander, Parklash (S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, 2017-06-05)
    This paper studies the political economy of the Southeast Asian haze and discusses the obstacles that, unless overcome, could prevent a permanent and effective solution to this transboundary pollution problem, which originates in Indonesia. Following ...