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5 Easy Steps for Healthier Communities

Obesity and other lifestyle diseases are harming people's lives and adding to health costs in developing communities. Here are some easy things and simple messages local governments and cities can do to promote education for healthier and longer lives among their citizens. Let's get moving now!

Recommended major new ADBIPress book:

Wealthy But Unhealthy-- Two of five adults in Asia and the Pacific are overweight or obese. The costs associated with these conditions undermine economic growth in the region as well as the achievement of the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. This thought-provoking book includes important public health education policy recommendations.

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  • Education Budget in Bangladesh: an analysis of trends, gaps and priorities 

    Rahman, Mustafizur; Khan, Towfiqul Islam; Sabbih, Mostafa Amir (Centre for Policy Dialogue, 2017-01-15)
    The present study has made an attempt to analyse the current trends in education finance in Bangladesh, and examine and assess whether the level of finance is adequate to fulfil the national commitments to ensure quality education for all. With a view ...
  • How do education and unemployment affect support for violent extremism? Evidence from eight Arab countries 

    Bhatia, Kartika; Ghanem, Hafez (Brookings India, 2017-03-22)
    This paper represents a contribution to the literature on the relationship between economic development and radicalization or support for violent extremism. It uses survey data from eight Arab countries to analyze how education and unemployment affect ...