Development Governance

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How Think Tanks Help Countries Govern to Develop

Think tanks are playing a critical role in development governance. They produce a range of evidence-based strategies and best practices for improving public policies and institutions. The impacts of the COVID-19 crisis has further elevated the importance of this role, as discussed during the Why Think Tanks Matter Global Forum.

Recommended: Latest Global Think Tank Ranking Report

Published by the University of Pennsylvania’s Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program, the annual Global Go To Think Tank Index Report provides rankings of the world’s top think tanks across a range of categories. The results are based on surveys of think tanks, journalists, policymakers, public and private donors, and area specialists.

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  • ADBI's 100 Tips 100 Tools for Better Governed NGOs 

    Stillman, Grant B. (Asian Development Bank Institute, 2007-06-30)
    Quick reference containing ten sets of tips and online tools on common topics related to the basic content of international and domestic laws. This resource is primarily for the members, managers and volunteers of big and small NGOs. People interested ...
  • NGO Law and Governance: A Resource Book 

    Stillman, Grant B. (Asian Development Bank Institute, 2006-12-15)
    Survey of legal and governance principles for international NGOs. Includes online resources and practice tips. Today non-government organizations (NGOs) worldwide have budgets totaling billions of dollars with tens of millions of staff. But are laws ...