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Azerbaijan: A Cradle of Humanity Embraces Modernity
dc.description.abstractThe Asian Development Bank (ADB) has been a key partner in supporting the development agenda of Azerbaijan, as well as its economic growth and reform program. Azerbaijan has been a member of ADB since 1999 and in 2004, ADB opened a resident mission in the capital, Baku. Operations in the country are closely aligned with the government's priorities, including diversifying the economy beyond the oil sector. ADB's work in Azerbaijan has focused on promoting inclusive economic growth, as well as supporting regional cooperation efforts. This development effectiveness brief present how ADB's operations in Azerbaijan help improve People's lives in the country and the challenges ADB and the countries face in pursuing agreed development goals.
dc.publisherAsian Development Bank
dc.rightsCC BY 3.0 IGO
dc.titleAzerbaijan: A Cradle of Humanity Embraces Modernity
dc.subject.expertAgricultural And Rural Development
dc.subject.expertDevelopment In East Asia
dc.subject.expertInfrastructure Development Projects
dc.subject.expertInstitutional Development
dc.subject.expertMillennium Development Goals
dc.subject.expertPolicy Development
dc.subject.expertSocial Development Programs
dc.subject.expertSocial Development
dc.subject.adbRural planning
dc.subject.adbAid coordination
dc.subject.adbIndustrial projects
dc.subject.adbInfrastructure projects
dc.subject.adbNatural resources policy
dc.subject.adbEducational development
dc.subject.naturalSocial participation
dc.subject.naturalPolitical participation
dc.subject.naturalCommunity banks
dc.subject.naturalBusiness planning
dc.subject.naturalSustainable urban development
dc.subject.naturalSocial contract
dc.title.seriesDevelopment Effectiveness Country Briefs
dc.contributor.imprintAsian Development Bank
oar.adminregionCentral West Asia Region
oar.authorAsian Development Bank

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    The Asian Development Bank publishes various briefs about its projects, partnerships, and policies in different sectors in different countries. The aim of these briefs is to inform readers about developments, thematic and sector research, economic reports, partnership updates, or policy and strategy issues in a quick-disseminating format.

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