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Maximizing the Development Impact of Migration in Nepal: Comprehensive Market Study

dc.contributor.authorNicolaas de Zwager
dc.contributor.authorRuslan Sintov
dc.description.abstractThis report presents selected data generated from the migrant worker and household surveys carried out within the project Research and Policy Dialogue Initiative on Migration and Remittances in Nepal, implemented by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), Mission in Nepal, and financed by IOM Development Fund. Stakeholder workshops and review of secondary literature/data complemented this primary data. Where relevant, it provides a comparative analysis with the results of similar surveys conducted in other South-Eastern and Eastern European (SEEE) countries since 2006. This comprehensive and multistage approach was carried out by adapting concepts and methodologies developed by the International Agency for Source Country Information Migration (IASCI), in collaboration with the Center for Sociological, Political and Psychological Analysis and Investigations (CIVIS), to Nepali context in close coordination with IOM, IIDS and the Project Steering Committee. The aim of the project Research and Policy Dialogue Initiative on Migration and Remittances in Nepal is to assist the Government of Nepal in developing evidence based policies to harness effectively the link between migration and development. To achieve this, it is necessary to increase awareness among key stakeholders on the nature, use and impact of remittances entering Nepal, to describe migrant workers’ and their households’ overall financial behaviour, including savings and consumption, as well as to assess the overall impact of migration on the country’s socio-economic development.
dc.publisherInstitute for Integrated Development Studies
dc.titleMaximizing the Development Impact of Migration in Nepal: Comprehensive Market Study
dc.subject.expertAlleviating Poverty
dc.subject.expertExtreme Poverty
dc.subject.expertFight Against Poverty
dc.subject.expertGlobal Poverty
dc.subject.expertHealth Aspects Of Poverty
dc.subject.expertIndicators Of Poverty
dc.subject.expertParticipatory Poverty Assessment
dc.subject.expertPoverty Eradication
dc.subject.expertPoverty Analysis
dc.subject.expertPoverty In Developing Countries
dc.subject.expertPoverty Reduction Efforts
dc.subject.expertUrban Poverty
dc.subject.expertUrban Services
dc.subject.expertUrban Projects
dc.subject.expertUrban Problems
dc.subject.expertUrban Poverty
dc.subject.expertUrban Policy
dc.subject.expertUrban Planning
dc.subject.expertUrban Infrastructure
dc.subject.expertUrban Health
dc.subject.expertUrban Government
dc.subject.expertUrban Economic Development
dc.subject.expertUrban Development Finance
dc.subject.expertUrban Development
dc.subject.expertUrban Conditions
dc.subject.expertUrban Communities
dc.subject.expertUrban Population
dc.subject.adbDevelopment Indicators
dc.subject.adbEnvironmental Indicators
dc.subject.adbEconomic Indicators
dc.subject.adbEducational Indicators
dc.subject.adbDemographic Indicators
dc.subject.adbHealth Indicators
dc.subject.adbDisadvantaged Groups
dc.subject.adbLow Income Groups
dc.subject.adbSocially Disadvantaged Children
dc.subject.adbRural Conditions
dc.subject.adbRural Development
dc.subject.adbSocial Conditions
dc.subject.adbUrban Development
dc.subject.adbUrban Sociology
dc.subject.adbUrban Plans
dc.subject.adbUrban agriculture
dc.subject.adbEconomic Development
dc.subject.adbRural Urban Migration
dc.subject.naturalEconomic forecasting
dc.subject.naturalHealth expectancy
dc.subject.naturalSocial groups
dc.subject.naturalPolitical participation
dc.subject.naturalDistribution of income
dc.subject.naturalInequality of income
dc.subject.naturalDeveloping countries
dc.subject.naturalRural community development
dc.subject.naturalMass society
dc.subject.naturalSocial change
dc.subject.naturalSocial policy
dc.subject.naturalSocial stability
dc.subject.naturalSustainable development
dc.subject.naturalUrban policy
dc.subject.naturalUrban renewal
dc.subject.naturalLocal government
dc.subject.naturalUrban renewal
dc.subject.naturalUrban housing
dc.subject.naturalUrban sociology
dc.subject.naturalTransit systems
dc.subject.naturalRapid transit
dc.subject.naturalPublic transit
dc.subject.naturalMass transit
dc.contributor.imprintInstitute for Integrated Development Studies
oar.themeLabor Migration
oar.adminregionSouth Asia Region
oar.authorZwager, Nicolaas de
oar.authorSintov, Ruslan

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