ADB Economics Working Paper


  • Nonperforming Loans in Asia: Determinants and Macrofinancial Linkages 

    Lee, Junkyu; Rosenkranz, Peter (Asian Development Bank, 2019-03-15)
    The recent rise of nonperforming loans (NPLs) in some Asian economies calls for close analysis of the determinants, the potential macrofinancial feedback effects, and the implications for financial stability in the region. Using a dynamic panel model, ...
  • Quarterly Forecasting Model for India's Economic Growth: Bayesian Vector Autoregression Approach 

    Iyer, Tara; Gupta, Abhijit Sen (Asian Development Bank, 2019-03-15)
    This study develops a framework to forecast India’s gross domestic product growth on a quarterly frequency from 2004 to 2018. The models, which are based on real and monetary sector descriptions of the Indian economy, are estimated using Bayesian vector ...
  • Women’s Asset Ownership: Evidence from Georgia; Mongolia; and Cavite, Philippines 

    Joshi, Kaushal; Swaminathan, Hema; Jr., Arturo Martinez; Addawe, Mildred; Soco, Christian Flora Mae (Asian Development Bank, 2019-02-28)
    Since the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals, significant global progress has been achieved in promoting gender equality in education and health. However, progress has not been as remarkable in advancing women’s rights on asset ownership ...
  • The Employment Effects of Technological Innovation, Consumption, and Participation in Global Value Chains: Evidence from Developing Asia 

    Bertulfo, Donald Jay; Gentile, Elisabetta; Vries, Gaaitzen J. de (Asian Development Bank, 2019-02-28)
    Global value chains (GVCs) have been a vehicle for job creation in developing Asia, but there is mounting concern that more sophisticated and cost-effective technology could displace workers through automation or reshoring of production. We use the ...

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