ADB Economics Working Paper


  • The Impact of Typhoons on Economic Activity in the Philippines: Evidence from Nightlight Intensity 

    Strobl, Eric (Asian Development Bank, 2019-07-30)
    We quantify the economic impact of typhoons in the Philippines. To this end we construct a panel data set of local economic activity derived from nightlight intensity satellite images and a cell level measure of typhoon damage constructed from storm ...
  • A New Index of Globalization: Measuring Impacts of Integration on Economic Growth and Income Inequality 

    Huh, Hyeon-Seung; Park, Cyn-Young (Asian Development Bank, 2019-07-15)
    This study introduces a new composite index of globalization building on the separate contributions of intraregional and extra regional integration. Using the new index, the study also evaluates the possible effects of globalization on economic growth ...
  • Climate, Urbanization, and Conflict: The Effects of Weather Shocks and Floods on Urban Social Disorder 

    Castells-Quintana, David; McDermott, Thomas K.J. (Asian Development Bank, 2019-07-15)
    In this paper, we test the effect of weather shocks and floods on urban social disorder for a panel of large cities in developing countries. We focus on a particular mechanism, namely the displacement of population into (large) cities. We test this ...
  • The Growth Impact of Disasters in Developing Asia 

    Dagli, Suzette; Ferrarini, Benno (Asian Development Bank, 2019-06-30)
    This paper estimates the growth impact of disasters, with a focus on developing Asia and its subregions. It finds that severe disasters slow down annual growth in the Pacific island countries by between 1 and 2 percentage points on average. This should ...

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