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Mercury Poisoning Associated with International and Local Skin Whitening Creams in Pakistan

dc.contributor.authorBushra Afzal
dc.contributor.authorSajid Raza
dc.contributor.authorS.Waqar Ali
dc.contributor.authorZaigham Abbas
dc.contributor.authorMahmood A. Khwaja
dc.description.abstractThis report covers all the details of research work, undertaken for accomplishing our study on local as well as international brands of SWCs collected from the markets at main cities of Pakistan. A total of 59 SWCs samples of different brands were collected, transported, stored, labeled, following all the requirements of standard procedures/protocol and finally handed over to officials of PINSTECH laboratories, Islamabad, Pakistan for total mercury content analysis, under a confidential identity number of each sample of purchased and studied brands of SWCs. Mercury analysis of 59 samples was found to be in the range of 0.74 ppm-44,292 ppm. The results showed that among 59 samples of SWCs studied only 3 samples contain mercury content below the MCM permissible (1ppm) limit.
dc.publisherSustainable Development Policy Institute
dc.titleMercury Poisoning Associated with International and Local Skin Whitening Creams in Pakistan
dc.subject.expertWorld Health Organization
dc.subject.expertQuality of Health Care
dc.subject.expertPartnerships in Health Reform
dc.subject.expertIntraregional Trade
dc.subject.expertRegional Trade
dc.subject.expertHealth Standards
dc.subject.expertHealth Care Cost Control
dc.subject.expertHealth Care Access
dc.subject.expertWorld Trade Organization
dc.subject.expertTrade Restrictions
dc.subject.expertTrade Negotiations
dc.subject.expertTrade Liberalization
dc.subject.expertTrade Barriers
dc.subject.adbUrban Population
dc.subject.adbTraditional Medicine
dc.subject.adbMedical Statistics
dc.subject.adbDrug Policy
dc.subject.adbPreventive Medicine
dc.subject.adbMedical Economics
dc.subject.adbPreferential tariffs
dc.subject.adbTariff negotiations
dc.subject.adbProtectionist measures
dc.subject.adbTariff agreements
dc.subject.naturalHealth status indicators
dc.subject.naturalMedical and health care industry
dc.subject.naturalDelivery of medical care
dc.subject.naturalForeign trade regulation
dc.subject.naturalHealth products
dc.subject.naturalSupply Chain
dc.contributor.imprintMinistry of Climate Change, Government of Pakistan
oar.adminregionCentral West Asia Region
oar.authorAfzal, Bushra
oar.authorRaza, Sajid
oar.authorAli, S.Waqar
oar.authorAbbas, Zaigham
oar.authorKhwaja, Mahmood A.

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