CPD Policy Briefs


  • Strategy towards Bangladesh’s Sustainable LDC Graduation 

    Rahman, Musta zur; Bari, Estiaque (Centre for Policy Dialogue, 2018-03-27)
    Bangladesh’s graduation prospects di er from those of the earlier graduates and the current candidate LDCs. This is revealed by relevant indicators concerning the 20 countries ( five LDC graduates and 15 candidate LDCs which are expected to graduate ...
  • Learning from the Past, Preparing for the Future: What Bangladesh Needs to Know 

    Bhattacharya, Debapriya; Khan, Sarah Sabin (Centre for Policy Dialogue, 2018-03-27)
    The outlook for the United Nations list of least developed countries (LDCs) is finally becoming optimistic following 47 years of lacklustre performance since the category’s establishment in 1971. There have been 52 inclusions and only five graduations ...
  • Bangladesh Becoming a Middle-Income Country, Ceasing to be a Least Developed Country: Clarifying Confusion 

    Bhattacharya, Debapriya; Khan, Sarah Sabin (Centre for Policy Dialogue, 2018-03-27)
    The present policy brief addresses ambiguities that exist regarding the two very different development milestones in the context of Bangladesh. The next couple of years will be crucial for the country in view of the various transitions that it will go ...
  • Bangladesh’s Pursuit of the 2030 Agenda: Will It Facilitate Smooth Transition after LDC Graduation? 

    Khatun, Fahmida; Pervin, Shahida; Rahman, Md. Masudur (Centre for Policy Dialogue, 2018-03-27)
    This policy brief reviews the linkages between the SDGs and LDC graduation criteria as well as the IPoA. It also examines how Bangladesh’s national policies are informed by the SDGs and LDC graduation process and offers policy recommendations for smooth ...

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