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Urban and Rural Households’ Energy Use: Sets, Shocks, and Strategies in the Philippines

dc.contributor.authorConnie Bayudan-Dacuycuy
dc.contributor.authorLawrence B. Dacuycuy
dc.description.abstractThis paper aims to analyze the determinants of household energy portfolio in urban and rural areas and to determine how choices are affected by price shocks and weather variabilities in the Philippines. It confirms that energy switching is observed among high-income urban and rural households while energy stacking is observed among rural households in response to a heat index deviation and an LPG price shock. The paper also finds that households’ energy portfolios have components comprising of modern sources as energy anchors and a component that is most likely to adjust in response to price and weather-related shocks.
dc.publisherPhilippine Institute for Development Studies
dc.titleUrban and Rural Households’ Energy Use: Sets, Shocks, and Strategies in the Philippines
dc.typeDiscussion Paper
dc.subject.expertHousehold Energy Consumption
dc.subject.expertRenewable Energy
dc.subject.expertAlternative energy
dc.subject.expertEnergy Technology
dc.subject.expertProject Evaluation & Review Technique
dc.subject.expertOperations Evaluation
dc.subject.expertProgram Evaluation
dc.subject.expertEvaluation Techniques
dc.subject.expertEvaluation Criteria
dc.subject.adbDomestic Energy
dc.subject.adbEnergy Demand
dc.subject.adbEnergy Prices
dc.subject.adbEnergy planning
dc.subject.adbAlternative energy technology
dc.subject.adbProject impact
dc.subject.adbProgram management
dc.subject.adbProject appraisal
dc.subject.adbCost benefit analysis
dc.subject.naturalElectric power
dc.subject.naturalRenewable energy source
dc.subject.naturalEnergy development
dc.subject.naturalRenewable energy resource
dc.subject.naturalEnergy conservation
dc.subject.naturalEnergy policy
dc.subject.naturalParticipatory monitoring and evaluation
dc.subject.naturalParticipative management
dc.title.seriesDiscussion Paper Series
dc.title.volumeNo. 2018-01
dc.contributor.imprintPhilippine Institute for Development Studies
oar.adminregionSoutheast Asia Region
oar.authorConnie Bayudan-Dacuycuy
oar.authorLawrence B. Dacuycuy

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