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Scaling up Rooftop Solar Power in India: The Potential of Municipal Solar Bonds

dc.contributor.authorSaurabh Trivedi
dc.contributor.authorIndro Ray
dc.contributor.authorGregor Vulturius
dc.contributor.authorAmrita Goldar
dc.contributor.authorLabanya Prakash J
dc.contributor.authorSandeep Paul
dc.contributor.authorAarsi Sagar
dc.description.abstractIndia has made great progress in reaching its ambitious goal to scale up renewable energy capacity to 175 GW in 2022. Solar power plays a central part in achieving this goal and installations of utility scale power have seen a dramatic increase in the last few years. Rooftop solar, however, is lagging and more needs to be done to achieve its 40 GW capacity target by 2022. To meet the remaining rooftop target, this study estimates that the total capital requirement could be as high as USD 31.8 billion in addition to current subsidies and USD 39 billion excluding subsidies. The study suggests that municipalities can play a larger role in the acceleration of rooftop solar in India and proposes the use of municipal bonds to support the scale up of rooftop solar in India and details how such bonds could be designed and implemented. The study also applies proposed bond model to two Indian cities- Surat and New Delhi (NDMC) and illustrates how municipal bonds can significantly reduce the costs for rooftop solar and make it competitive and benefit different type of consumers in these cities.
dc.publisherIndian Council for Research on International Economic Relations
dc.titleScaling up Rooftop Solar Power in India: The Potential of Municipal Solar Bonds
dc.typeWorking Papers
dc.subject.expertHousehold Energy Consumption
dc.subject.expertRenewable Energy
dc.subject.expertAlternative energy
dc.subject.expertEnergy Technology
dc.subject.expertProject Evaluation & Review Technique
dc.subject.expertOperations Evaluation
dc.subject.expertProgram Evaluation
dc.subject.expertEvaluation Techniques
dc.subject.expertEvaluation Criteria
dc.subject.adbDomestic Energy
dc.subject.adbEnergy Demand
dc.subject.adbEnergy Prices
dc.subject.adbEnergy planning
dc.subject.adbAlternative energy technology
dc.subject.adbProject impact
dc.subject.adbProgram management
dc.subject.adbProject appraisal
dc.subject.adbCost benefit analysis
dc.subject.naturalElectric power
dc.subject.naturalRenewable energy source
dc.subject.naturalEnergy development
dc.subject.naturalRenewable energy resource
dc.subject.naturalEnergy conservation
dc.subject.naturalEnergy policy
dc.subject.naturalParticipatory monitoring and evaluation
dc.subject.naturalParticipative management
dc.title.seriesWorking Paper
dc.title.volumeNo. 353
dc.contributor.imprintClimate Policy Initiative
oar.adminregionSoutheast Asia Region
oar.authorSaurabh Trivedi
oar.authorIndro Ray
oar.authorGregor Vulturius
oar.authorAmrita Goldar
oar.authorLabanya Prakash J
oar.authorSandeep Paul
oar.authorAarsi Sagar

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