The Asia Foundation Discussion Paper: Recent submissions

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  • Urban Migration in Myanmar: An Analysis of Migration Patterns and Migrant Well-being 

    O’Connor, Robert (The Asia Foundation, 2020-07-01)
    Migration to urban areas has been a critical dimension of urbanization in Myanmar and has been driven primarily by economic and environmental forces. Climate change has increased instances of flooding and natural disasters have created populations of ...
  • Public Finances and the Social Contract in Myanmar: Reflections from the City Life Survey 

    Dickenson-Jones, Giles (The Asia Foundation, 2020-03-27)
    Responding to the needs of citizens through the provision of public goods and services, maintaining the rule of law, and the protection of the most vulnerable are all important functions of modern governments. Yet, for the state to fulfil these duties, ...
  • Not Enough Time: Insight into Myanmar Women's Urban Experiences 

    Williscroft, Caitlin (The Asia Foundation, 2020-03-27)
    This Discussion Paper will examine the 2018 City Life Survey (CLS) data through a gender lens focusing on three key topics: the triple burden, agency and influence, and employment. The paper will analyze how the 2018 CLS data challenges or complements ...
  • Trump and Modi: Prospects for US-India Burden Sharing 

    Mohan, C. Raja; Brandon, John J.; Brandon, John J.; Cook, Malcolm; Thakker, Aman; Palit, Amitendu; Kugelman, Michael; Mullen, Rani D.; Madan, Tanvi (The Asia Foundation, 2019-06-30)
    This collection of papers is a first cut at understanding the potentially new strategic synergy between Washington and Delhi and assessing how it may play out in specific areas in the years ahead. The Asia Foundation and ISAS will continue to support ...