The Asia Foundation Discussion Paper


  • Trump and Modi: Prospects for US-India Burden Sharing 

    Mohan, C. Raja; Brandon, John J.; Brandon, John J.; Cook, Malcolm; Thakker, Aman; Palit, Amitendu; Kugelman, Michael; Mullen, Rani D.; Madan, Tanvi (The Asia Foundation, 2019-06-30)
    This collection of papers is a first cut at understanding the potentially new strategic synergy between Washington and Delhi and assessing how it may play out in specific areas in the years ahead. The Asia Foundation and ISAS will continue to support ...
  • Budget Monitoring and Oversight System in Myanmar: Discussion Paper 

    Renu Deshpande (The Asia Foundation, 2018-03-09)
    Recognizing the need to support the Union government’s reform process, this discussion paper provides baseline information on how budget monitoring and oversight are currently practiced in Myanmar, painting a systematic portrait that policymakers can ...

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