PMCG Policy Paper


  • Analysis of the Agricultural Sector in Georgia: Value Chain and Export Potential 

    Gabriadze, Irakli; Beradze, Rezo; Zabakhidze, Mariam (Policy and Management Consulting Group, 2019-09-11)
    Georgia’s climate allows for the production of many types of agricultural crops. However, most agricultural products produced in Georgia find it difficult to compete in both international and local markets. Low competitiveness is driven by many factors, ...
  • Review of Monitoring and Evaluation Practices in the Georgian Government 

    Komakhidze, Maya (Policy and Management Consulting Group, 2019-07-21)
    This policy brief looks at the M&E system within the Georgian government to see what role the measurement of progress, and the use of measurement data, plays in policymaking. Bearing in mind the wide discrepancy in M&E processes of different government ...
  • Economic Diplomacy in Georgia: Existing Practice and Future Prospects 

    Skhiereli, Mikheil (Policy and Management Consulting Group, 2019-03-15)
    The purposes of this policy paper are to present the priorities of the Government of Georgia (GoG) in economic diplomacy, to map economic diplomacy institutions, and to describe their functions. It also aims to present practical cases of conducting ...
  • Georgia as a Transit Hub and its Increasing Potential in the Implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative 

    Zabakhidze, Mariam; Beradze, Rezo (Policy and Management Consulting Group, 2017-12-30)
    This paper analyzes the opportunities and challenges for Georgia arising from the BRI. In particular, the authors review the possible role Georgia can play in improving the potential of TRACECA and the possibility of becoming more than a transit country. ...

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