Brookings India Report


  • The Challenge of Decarbonizing Heavy Industry 

    Gross, Samantha (Brookings India, 2021-06-30)
    Industrial raw materials are key to our modern life. They are the building blocks of many products we use constantly, from buildings and infrastructure to ubiquitous plastic goods. Continuing economic growth, especially in the developing world, will ...
  • Advancing Multilateralism in a Populist Age 

    Wright, Thomas (Brookings India, 2021-02-15)
    This paper looks at how multilateralists in the United States and Europe are thinking about strengthening a cooperative international order at a time when populism and nationalism are strong forces in many of the major powers. The paper distinguishes ...
  • Skewed critical minerals global supply chains post COVID-19: Reforms for making India self-reliant 

    Chadha, Rajesh (Brookings India, 2020-06-05)
    The IEA Report (2020) provides a description of key challenges around global supply of select critical minerals. A justified tightening of labour and environment standards in Congo might impact cobalt production and downstream supply chains. In the ...
  • DisComs post-COVID-19: Untangling the historical challenges, short-term needs, and long-term ambitions 

    Tongia, Rahul (Brookings India, 2020-06-05)
    Electricity distribution companies (“DisComs”) are the linchpin of the electricity chain, but they have also been called the weakest link. Created starting in the late 1990s as part of electricity reforms, these were a part of the unbundling of the ...

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