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Anatomy of the Trade Collapse, Recovery, and Slowdown: Evidence from Korea

dc.contributor.authorLee Sooyoung
dc.description.abstractIn the last decade, international trade has been marked by an unprecedented collapse, quick recovery, slowdown, another drop, and recovery. Using both aggregate and disaggregated trade statistics of South Korea. This paper shows that while the last drop of trade after 2015 has cyclical aspects, there is evidence that the continued slowdown from 2012 is structural. Also, firm sizes, destination countries, and the mode of transactions affect disaggregated trade flows during the slowdown periods. It is advisable to diversify main export products to lower the influence of oil prices on export prices and to strengthen the cooperation with Vietnam, whose trade barriers have exceptionally diminished throughout the last decade.
dc.publisherKorea Institute for International Economic Policy
dc.titleAnatomy of the Trade Collapse, Recovery, and Slowdown: Evidence from Korea
dc.typeWorking Papers
dc.subject.expertGovernment Policy
dc.subject.expertRegional Organization
dc.subject.expertRegional Plans
dc.subject.expertEconomic integration
dc.subject.expertRegional Development Bank
dc.subject.expertPreferential tariffs
dc.subject.expertInternational negotiation
dc.subject.expertProtectionist measures
dc.subject.expertAccess to markets
dc.subject.expertEconomic agreements
dc.subject.expertInternational trade law
dc.subject.expertRegional integration
dc.subject.expertTrade relations
dc.subject.adbRegional Economy
dc.subject.adbRegional Trading Arrangements
dc.subject.adbRegional Trade Integration
dc.subject.adbRegional Economic Integration
dc.subject.adbRegional Cooperation
dc.subject.adbInterregional Cooperation
dc.subject.adbTrade Disputes
dc.subject.adbTrade Barriers
dc.subject.naturalRegional economics
dc.subject.naturalRegional planning
dc.subject.naturalRegional disparities
dc.subject.naturalRegional economic disparities
dc.subject.naturalRegional economic blocs
dc.subject.naturalIndustrial arbitration
dc.title.seriesKIEP Working Paper
dc.contributor.imprintKorea Institute for International Economic Policy
oar.adminregionEast Asia Region
oar.countryRepublic of Korea
dc.identifier.printisbn978-89-322-4269-9 94320
oar.authorSooyoung, Lee

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