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Greater Mekong Subregion Economic Cooperation Program: Regional Investment Framework Pipeline of Potential Projects (2013–2022)
dc.description.abstractThe Regional Investment Framework (RIF) puts into operation the new Greater Mekong Subregion Economic Program Strategic Framework (GMS-SF) (2012–2022) that was approved at the 4th Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) Summit in December 2011. The RIF translates the strategic directions of the GMS-SF into a pipeline of investment and technical assistance projects for the third decade of the GMS Program, from 2013 to 2022. The RIF covers a wide range of sectors including transport, energy, environment, agriculture, human resource development, information and communication technology, tourism, transport and trade facilitation, and urban development. As a comprehensive, forward-looking and strategic framework, the RIF embodies the collective aspiration of the GMS countries to expand and deepen their cooperation program in the coming decade. The RIF will also remain a living framework that will be regularly reviewed and updated to maintain its relevance and responsiveness as a planning tool for subregional initiatives in an ever-dynamic GMS.
dc.publisherAsian Development Bank
dc.rightsCC BY 3.0 IGO
dc.titleGreater Mekong Subregion Economic Cooperation Program: Regional Investment Framework Pipeline of Potential Projects (2013–2022)
dc.subject.expertDevelopment Economics
dc.subject.expertRegional Economic Development
dc.subject.expertEconomic Impact
dc.subject.adbEconomies in transition
dc.subject.adbEconomic agreements
dc.subject.adbDevelopment indicators
dc.subject.adbEconomic development
dc.subject.naturalComparative economics
dc.subject.naturalRegional economics
dc.subject.naturalEconomic development projects
dc.title.seriesGreater Mekong Subregion Economic Cooperation
dc.contributor.imprintAsian Development Bank
oar.themeLabor Migration
oar.adminregionSoutheast Asia Region
oar.authorAsian Development Bank

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