ISEAS Trends in Southeast Asia


  • Johor’s Forest City Faces Critical Challenges 

    Rahman, Serina (ISEAS Yusof Ishak Institute, 2017-06-30)
    This paper will take a closer look at the sustainability of the Forest City project — both economic and environmental, and explore the market for the final product on offer, the political entanglements that have emerged, and the actual economic costs ...
  • The Natunas: Territorial Integrity in the Forefront of Indonesia–China Relations 

    Suryadinata, Leo; Izzuddin, Mustafa (ISEAS Yusof Ishak Institute, 2017-06-30)
    This article seeks to discuss the origins and evolution of the Natuna Islands issue within the context of Indonesia’s foreign policy, and in particular, its relations with China. It is argued that while the Natuna issue will continue to crop up from ...
  • Beneath the Veneer: The Political Economy of Housing in Iskandar Malaysia, Johor 

    Ng, Keng Khoon; Lim, Guanie (ISEAS Yusof Ishak Institute, 2017-06-30)
    This paper attempts to explore the political economy underwriting such development, analysing the housing policies and development goals of both the Malaysian government as well as its Johorean counterpart. It does so by focusing on Iskandar Malaysia, ...
  • Rowing Against the Tide? Batam’s Economic Fortunes in Today’s Indonesia 

    Hutchinson, Francis E. (ISEAS Yusof Ishak Institute, 2017-06-15)
    This Trends will examine the reasons for this unexpected turn of events. Following this introduction, the second section will look at the establishment of BIDA and the early development of Batam’s export-oriented industries. The subsequent section will ...

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