ADB Economics Working Paper Series: Recent submissions

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  • Conditions for Effective Macroprudential Policy Interventions 

    Khan, Fahad; Ramayandi, Arief; Schröder, Marcel (Asian Development Bank, 2020-02-28)
    This paper aims at identifying effective macroprudential policy (MPP) interventions and analysing the macroeconomic conditions that promote them. We define effective MPP interventions as those that stabilize its underlying target variable, such as ...
  • Attraction or Repulsion? Testing Coagglomeration of Innovation between Firm and University 

    Rudkin, Simon; He, Ming; Chen, Yang (Asian Development Bank, 2020-02-28)
    Agglomeration theory supports and existing findings confirm the geographical proximity of similar firms and spatial attraction of firms to universities. In addition to that, we are able to identify whether universities as one type of innovative units ...
  • Exchange Rates and Insulation in Emerging Markets 

    Eichengreen, Barry; Park, Donghyun; Ramayandi, Arief; Shin, Kwanho (Asian Development Bank, 2020-02-28)
    The insulating properties of flexible exchange rates have long been a highly contentious issue in emerging markets—not least in Asian emerging markets. A number of recent theoretical and empirical studies question whether a trade-off exists between ...
  • Not Business as Usual: Mega-Trends and the Need for New City Building Approaches in the People’s Republic of China 

    Webster, Douglas; Jenny, Hubert; Cai, Jianming (Asian Development Bank, 2020-02-28)
    This paper assesses the urban future of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), currently home to 59% of the national population, from the perspective of mega-trends that are dramatically affecting the country. These mega-trends include: (i) urban ...