ADB Economics Working Paper Series


  • Concentration in Asia's Cross-Border Banking: Determinants and Impacts 

    Lapid, Ana Kristel; Jr., Rogelio Mercado; Rosenkranz, Peter (Asian Development Bank, 2021-05-15)
    Cross-border bank positions in Asia and the Pacific remain highly concentrated to few counterparties, exposing the region to financial risks and policy spillovers. Consequently, assessing the determinants and impacts of the region’s cross-border banking ...
  • Evaluating the Impact of Remittances on Human Capital Investment in the Kyrgyz Republic 

    Gao, Xin; Kikkawa, Aiko; Kang, Jong Woo (Asian Development Bank, 2021-05-15)
    Remittances from overseas can encourage human capital investment and improve educational outcomes in developing countries. Empirical studies, however, have shown mixed evidence at best. This paper uses a 5-year panel dataset that tracks the same 3,000 ...
  • Education and the Evolution of Comparative Advantage 

    Asian Development Bank (Asian Development Bank, 2021-03-19)
    We provide the first evidence that low- and middle-income countries with high education levels were more successful in developing comparative advantage in products unrelated to those they already export. In contrast, controlling for the relatedness of ...
  • The Influence of US Dollar Funding Conditions on Asian Financial Markets 

    Lee, Junkyu; Rosenkranz, Peter; Ramayandi, Arief; Pham, Hoang (Asian Development Bank, 2021-03-15)
    More than 20 years after the Asian financial crisis, the region’s continued high reliance on United States (US) dollar-denominated funding has significant implications for the transmission of global financial conditions to domestic financial and ...

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