ADB Economics Working Paper


  • Gender Pay Gap: A Macro Perspective 

    Terada-Hagiwara, Akiko; Camingue-Romance, Shiela F.; Joseph E. Zveglich, Jr. (Asian Development Bank, 2018-03-30)
    This paper examines the factors influencing the gender wage gap by using an unbalanced crosscountry aggregated panel data set for a sample covering 53 economies for the period 1995–2010. Using robust estimators proposed by Lewbel (2012) to correct for ...
  • Financial Inclusion: New Measurement and Cross-Country Impact Assessment 

    Cyn-Young Park; Rogelio V. Mercado, Jr. (Asian Development Bank, 2018-03-15)
    This paper introduces a new index of financial inclusion for 151 economies using principal component analysis to compute weights for aggregating nine indicators of access, availability, and usage. It then assesses the impact of financial inclusion on ...
  • Population Aging and the Possibility of a Middle-Income Trap in Asia 

    Ha, Joonkyung; Lee, Sang-Hyop (Asian Development Bank, 2018-02-28)
    We present three conditions for a demography-driven middle-income trap and show that many economies in East, South, and Southeast Asia satisfy all of them. The conditions are (1) support ratio—the ratio of workers to consumers—matters for economic ...
  • Back in Business: Industrial Policy for Emerging Economies in the New Globalization 

    Berglof, Erik; Cable, Vince (Asian Development Bank, 2018-02-28)
    We explore the potential roles of industrial policy in the transition from middle-income to high-income status, and the actual experience of industrial policy in emerging economies. Guided by the conceptual framework of the neo-Schumpeterian approach, ...

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