KIEP Opinions


  • The ASEAN Statistical Community and the Role of External Partners 

    Oh, Yoon Ah (Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, 2018-08-29)
    Having started as a security-oriented cooperation mechanism in the late 1960s struggling with considerable economic, political, and cultural heterogeneity, ASEAN has come a long way to establish itself as an example of an enduring and resilient regional ...
  • The Rationale for Fighting Corruption: Facts and Issues 

    Kim, Sang Kyom (Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, 2018-08-21)
    If we define corruption as the abuse of entrusted power for private gain, corruption has been around us for as long as human society has existed. The fight against corruption has been declared a high priority in many governments and international ...
  • Sharing Korea's Experience of Developing Agricultural Value Chains with Africa 

    Park, Young Ho (Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, 2018-07-25)
    Needless to say, agriculture is the mainstay of most countries in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). The agricultural sector in SSA employs about 60-70% of the workforce. However, poverty is wide-spread in the sector. That is, approximately 90% of the population ...
  • 1%-Point Interest Rate Differential: A Tipping Point for Massive Capital Outflows? 

    Kang, Tae Soo (Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, 2018-07-25)
    The Bank of Korea (BoK) has reacted in a somewhat different manner from other emerging central banks. The BoK’s policy rate has frozen in the range of 1.50 percent during the past seven months since November 2017. The rate gap between the Fed and the ...

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