IIDS Policy Brief


  • Soaring Food Prices in Nepal: Causes and Consequences 

    Pant, Bishnu Dev (Institute for Integrated Development Studies, 2016-03-18)
    The prices of food crops in Nepal have increased unusually over the years. The price rises have been caused due to a number of factors including low production of cereals, rising oil prices, untimely rainfall, increased feedstock, the international ...
  • Easing the Nepali Liquidity Crisis 

    Khanal, Mukesh (Institute for Integrated Development Studies, 2016-03-12)
    During normal conditions, the NRB’s monetary policy is effective in tackling liquidity problems. Some of the solutions that the NRB has been pursuing are: bank mergers, lowering the CRR, lowering the interbank lending rate, and liquidity injection. ...
  • Poverty Reduction Strategy in Nepal: Evidence from PAF Program 

    Khadka, Manbar S.; Maharjan, Madhu R. (Institute for Integrated Development Studies, 2014-01-30)
    This policy brief is based on the study conducted by the Institute for Integrated Development Studies (IIDS) in Kapilvastu district of Nepal. The program has been facilitated by IIDS in the district for the past seven years with the support from Poverty ...
  • Review of Investment Policies in Nepal 

    Dileep K Adhikary, Ph D (Institute for Integrated Development Studies, 2012-09-30)
    Public policy(ies) pitches a framework of government services on the one hand and enables an operating regime on the other to address the issue of public concern on an objective mode. As situations are ever changing whether we call it turbulence or ...

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