ADBI Policy Briefs


  • Women’s Economic Empowerment in Asia 

    Sirivunnabood, Pitchaya; Liao, Suan (Asian Development Bank Institute, 2021-12-30)
    Embedded in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, gender equality (SDG5) is a prerequisite for achieving the equality and prosperity of all human beings. Among others, women’s economic empowerment is a critical driver for gender equality. ...
  • A Problem-Solving Framework for Infrastructure Policy Making 

    Agarwal, Deepanshu; Hernandez, Juan Miguel Peraza (Asian Development Bank Institute, 2021-11-30)
    This framework, although focused on infrastructure development, can be used for answering any policy problem, as it addresses the general framework for policy problems, especially the problems related to infrastructure. The issue with the traditional ...
  • 15 Fairer Ways to Share Land for Better Infrastructure and Urban Renewal 

    Stillman, Grant B. (Asian Development Bank Institute, 2021-07-30)
    Meeting developing Asia and the Pacific’s demand for quality infrastructure and renewed urban environments that can support inclusive post-pandemic growth will require the steady but equitable acquisition of land that is usually owned or inhabited by ...
  • Impacts of Sanitation on Child Mortality and School Enrollment: A Country-Level Analysis 

    Revilla, Ma. Laarni D.; Ram, KE Seetha (Asian Development Bank Institute, 2021-07-30)
    This study contributes to the limited empirical literature on sanitation by estimating the causal effect of sanitation on development outcomes using country-level data from the WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme for Water Supply, Sanitation and ...

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