PIDS: Research Paper Series


  • Toward an Inclusive Social Insurance Coverage in the Philippines: Examining Gender Disparities 

    Tabuga, Aubrey D.; Cabaero, Carlos C. (Philippine Institute for Development Studies, 2021-07-15)
    The Philippines, a country prone to natural calamities and vulnerable to economic fluctuations, has much to accomplish in improving workers’ access to social protection. A focus on women’s access to social protection programs is crucial because of their ...
  • The 4th Philippine Graduate Tracer Study: Examining Higher Education as a Pathway to Employment, Citizenship, and Life Satisfaction from the Learner’s Perspective 

    Tutor, Melba V.; Jr., Aniceto C. Orbeta; Miraflor, James Matthew B. (Philippine Institute for Development Studies, 2021-06-28)
    A graduate tracer survey (GTS) collects data on the graduate’s college experience—skills learned and quality of instruction—and how it relates to employability. A GTS can illuminate the relationship between college experience and labor market outcomes, ...
  • Regional Analysis of the Philippine Services Sector 

    Serafica, Ramonette B.; Vergara, Jean Colleen M.; Oren, Queen Cel A. (Philippine Institute for Development Studies, 2021-05-26)
    The services sector is composed of a diverse range of services, including retail and business services, education, and health, among others. Some services are used as inputs in production, while others have direct impacts on human capital development. ...
  • Process Evaluation of the Performance-Based Bonus Scheme 

    Albert, Jose Ramon G.; Mendoza, Ronald U.; Cuenca, Janet S.; Opiniano, Gina A.; Monje, Jennifer D.; Pastor, Michael A.; Muñoz, Mika S. (Philippine Institute for Development Studies, 2021-05-06)
    Since the adoption of the Performance‑Based Bonus (PBB) scheme in 2012, its effectiveness, particularly its impact on agencies’ reform efforts and public sector employees’ motivation and productivity, has not been examined. The Department of Budget and ...

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