ERIA Discussion Paper


  • ‘Unbundlings’ and Development Strategies in ASEAN: Old Issues and New Challenges 

    Kimura, Fukunari (Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia, 2018-03-30)
    This paper extends the conceptual framework of ‘unbundlings’ proposed by Baldwin (2016) and tries to provide a starting point for reorganizing development strategies of ASEAN Member States (AMS). The AMS have largely been successful ...
  • Disciplines on State-Owned Enterprises under the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement: Overview and Assessment 

    Tsuyoshi, Kawase; Masahito, Ambashi (Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia, 2018-02-28)
    This paper analyses the disciplines os state-owned enterprises (SOEs) stipulated in Chapter 17 of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP). The introduction of the extensive disciplines on SOEs was led by the concern that SOEs are likely to disturb ...
  • Servicification in Global Value Chains: The Case of Asian Countries 

    Thangavelu, Shandre Mugan; Wenxiao, Wang; Oum, Sothea (Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia, 2017-11-30)
    The paper studies the degree of servicification (or the role of services as inputs in manufacturing) of selected 61 Asian countries in terms of global value chain (GVC) activities at the sectoral level using domestic and foreign services from 1995 to ...
  • Remaking Energy Policies for Global Sustainability: The Case of Flying Geese Model and Path Dependencies in East Asia 

    Anbumozhi, Venkatachalam; Yao, Xianbin (Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia, 2017-10-30)
    In East Asia, the path of economic integration that started at the end of World War II, through catch-up industrialization, took a distinguished path. Started in Japan and supported by diffusion of technologies through learning and easier relocation ...

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