CPD Reports


  • The Ignored Generation: Exploring the Dynamics of Youth Employment in Bangladesh 

    Khatun, Fahmida; Saadat, Syed Yusuf (Centre for Policy Dialogue, 2018-10-30)
    Bangladesh’s young workforce is one of its greatest strengths. However, a large number of young people in Bangladesh cannot take part in the mainstream economic activities, as they do not nd jobs. The high growth of the economy has not been able to ...
  • Human Insecurity in South Asia: Challenging Market Injustice 

    Sobhan, Rehman (Centre for Policy Dialogue, 2018-07-30)
    My own presentation follows in the tradition of Durgabai in addressing the state of human insecurity, which remains the existential reality conditioning the lives of the underpriviliged and resource deprived members of the societies across South Asia. ...
  • Universalization of Secondary Education: Questions for Discussion and Debate 

    Jahan, Rounaq (Centre for Policy Dialogue, 2018-07-15)
    But expanding school enrollment with quality education remains a big challenge for us as is the case in India. We too have seen the gradual development of disparity between public schools delivering poor quality education to children from low income ...
  • Borders Without Boundaries: Reimagining Asia 

    Sobhan, Rehman (Centre for Policy Dialogue, 2018-01-30)
    Borders originate in history. Boundaries are products of human geography. Borders enclose the modern nation state with its traditional badges of distinction, the passport, immigration officials, national anthems and national flag carriers. Boundaries ...

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