CIRSS Commentaries


  • Finding Opportunities in Japan's Aging Population 

    Miranda, Anton Emmanuel R. (Foreign Service Institute, 2018-04-30)
    Japan’s transition into one of the world’s rapidly aging societies continues to be manifested in its declining population. With 26 percent of its population over the age of 65 in 2016, it has the highest share of senior citizens among the members of ...
  • Does the Philippines Need the EU'S GSP+? 

    Uriel N. Galace (Foreign Service Institute, 2018-03-15)
    The Philippines’ bilateral relationship with the European Union (EU) is one of its most long standing and consequential diplomatic relationships. The Philippines benefits enormously from European trade, investment, and aid – not to mention, the ...
  • Central Asia and the Belt and Road Initiative: Considerations for the Philippines 

    Lloyd Alexander M. Adducul (Foreign Service Institute, 2018-02-28)
    The BRI seeks to build on the legacy of the traditional Silk Road as a venue for peaceful trade and harmonious cultural exchange. While the BRI is framed as a noble endeavor based on mutual benefit principle, many scholars consider the initiative as ...
  • Boosting Growth Through Reverse Brain Drain: India's Know-How 

    Villaruel, Jemimah Joanne C.; Mirasol, Jeremy Dexter B. (Foreign Service Institute, 2017-12-30)
    At a time when migration policies are beleaguered with controversies brought to the fore by national security and economic concerns, the issue of labor migration has proven to be a polarizing subject that has fueled debates among policymakers and world ...

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